What’s on my desk

I have spent a lot of time reflecting on the journey we have all traveled along this past year, looking at where it all began, what we discovered and uncovered along the way and exposing the truth so that these atrocities against humanity never happens again. It’s been exciting, tearful, joyous and most importantly it has been full of love. I don’t think I have ever witnessed so much love, warmth and respect emit from people who have never met before. For me this journey has been amazing and unforgettable.
We came together as one watching history unfold. I witnessed people who truly cared, go out of their way to comfort others about their fears, tears and their heartache for the children. Because of us and our passion for truth, these evil dark energy forces have been exposed, they will never elude our eyes again. Our gift of critical intelligence combined with courage brought truth to the surface. And make no mistake, we have been nothing less than courageous! Once you’re awake you can never close your eyes again. So what’s on my desk today you may ask? A years worth of images from the hard work of everyone who has been standing up for FREEDOM. A walk down memory lane. Images for the archives, posts to proudly show our children and grandchildren. You and I had a hand in creating epic history! Follow my site as I uncover the year bit by bit. You never know, there could be someone close to you who has made their way through the fog and feel the need to see what we have seen all along.

8 thoughts on “What’s on my desk”

  1. Thank you for all you do. I for one am so glad I found you and other people on this journey and it’s made the revelations more bearable knowing that there are those who are fighting for humanity 🥰


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