After reading the statement from President Trump did you read the part where he reiterated how he pressured the FDA to get the job done – meaning, he was the one who got HIS vaccine approved by the FDA. Why are people dying from the vaccine you ask? It looks like the “Demoncrats” have switched the vaccines and are using the Pfizer formula that is still in the testing stage and yet to be approved.

I know there have been many people questioning why President Trump would push a vaccine onto the people if he knew it was deadly. When we hear about people dying from the vaccine, from what I have researched, it is not the vaccine that President Trump approved for the people, my guess is that he pushed forward Hydroxychoroquine or a placebo.

In this important statement he is reiterating and confirming that his vaccine was safe for distribution under his administration. The next query is “why would the white hats allow it to go this far and allow death?” Again, this is only my guess and opinion and my best answer to that is this….Look around you, take note at how many people have willingly stuck out their arm for the jab without bother of what is actually being injected into their system. Can you imagine if President Trump stepped in right now and just took the Biden vaccine away from them? He would be labeled a tyrant, a dictator and there would be a mass revolution. The vaccine has always been of ones own volition, free will and hey, it’s available if you are that ridiculously stupid to take it!

The bottom line is…people have to see in order to believe. They have to see and feel the pain before it will sink into their noggins and question the validity of the vaccine and actually ask what it contains. These people have to feel the pain in order for them to cease their compliance!

Brace yourselves, there are so many naive and fearful people out there that will comply…there will be many more deaths.

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