There seems to be plenty of events to distract the weak minded brainwashed media watchers from the real truth.

The 2020 election audit in Maricopa County in Arizona was a major win for the Trump campaign and election a big hooray for election integrity on February 26th, when the judge ruled for all ballots and voting equipment be handed over for a full audit. The disclosure of the REAL ballot count and the TRUE winner of the election is cause enough to create many scandals for distraction purposes. Brace yourself, we are about to witness either the scandal of the decade or another false flag…or did we already witness a false flag? The Capitol Hill event on Saturday caused quite a distraction and even took over the news cycle from the “fake” murder of the George Floyd trial.

Keep your eyes open for more distractions peeps, there are bound to be more as we see the truth unravel and exposed.

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