For those who think there is nothing going on, you have not been paying attention!


There is a lot going on at once right now – Just as “Q” warned would happen, there are three movies all playing at the same time!


In the past week we have seen developments occuring with the election. Maricopa County Board of Supervisors in Arizona called an emergency meeting delaying the audit. They are running scared! You can almost see them scatter like cockroaches away from the light. The meeting was purposely held to delay the upcoming audit most likely looking at their legal options. The state senate announced on Wednesday that it has chosen four firms that will audit the Maricopa County November Election results. The announcement came a month after a judge ruled that the senate could have access to the ballots and other election equipment over the objections of the Maricopa Board of supervisors. The truth is about to be exposed and the real numbers and the true elected President is about to surface.

Kelli Ward standing in front of a mirror posing for the camera

The Arizona Republican Party and its chairwoman, Trump ally Kelli Ward, issued snarky responses to the announcement that the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors would be seeking legal advice one day after the Republican-led state Senate announced that it hired four auditing firms to recount 2.1 million ballots.

“Update: I certainly hope that this 10AM ’emergency session’ of the BOS called after 4PM yesterday is to use the Maricopa Tabulation Center & allow the subpoenaed documents, technology, & information to be fully audited there. But I doubt it will be…,” Ward said in a tweet.

“All of these closed ’emergency sessions’ should be open to the public. Government behind closed doors doesn’t work,” the Arizona GOP account said in response.

Just a few days previous to this bombshell, there was yet another bomb that hit the news about Dem Rita Hart backing down in Iowa election challenge to Miller-Meeks amid mounting GOP pressure.

Democrat Rita Hart has formally dropped her election challenge in Iowa to GOP Rep. Mariannette Miller-Meeks, just as Republicans turned up their public relations campaign against the potential election “steal.”

Hart officially lost Iowa’s Second Congressional District race in November to Miller-Meeks by just six votes. However, she had filed a formal election contest with the House of Representatives asking for a recount that included 22 ballots that were left out of the final tally, claiming she would have prevailed.


When MSNBC is reporting anything about FISAGATE – you know there is something going on with Durham. This is the media’s way of getting ahead of the narrative to debunk any reports Durham is about to expose.

And then there are the scattered short videos John Durham has been posting that tells us that he is on the job and that “Heads are about to roll”


Information has recently surfaced that over 1000 children were rescued from ships in the Suez Canal. Now “Ever Given” is in Bitter Lake, Egypt undergoing a massive inspection. The containers from the ship are being unloaded, it has been reported that multiple ships with cranes are in the Bitter Lake inspection area ready to transfer the containers off of “Ever Given”.


Just for fun and to add more fuel to our curiosity, we are now seeing internet services going down.

There are reports of multiple internet services down across the globe. What this means and how this ties in with all that is currently happening is anyone’s guess at this point. Each day more information surfaces that help us connect the dots so stay tuned here on my blog website for multiple updates daily.

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