1. Can you do a new article Gina on baphomets. We all know about Big Mike, but Dilara Esengil and Linda Paris have said there’s many more. Tarot by Janine who’s in Canada, said Dolly Parton was born a man in her view and someone else said Barbara Bush used to be a man, but it’s hard to tell.


  2. There are many of these high profile satanists who have shown their commitment and have made the sacrifice to satan by changing the gender of their child floating around, I will get to that aspect. My present priorities lie by arming the truther community with information to help them wake up these zombies who still believe a trial vaccine is okay to inject into their bodies. I consider my blog website a place of archives for the history books of next generations. There are many people with amazing information and posts on their social media platforms that will soon be lost. I will be doing a broadcast soon to encourage them to send their past posts to me for future use. Feel free to send me any of your past posts for publishing. WWG1WGA


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