Listen to what he is saying in this video before his death.

Take note of the diagram on his shirt – The same TOM HANKS “Wilson” design as Ellen wears.

3 thoughts on “DMX ROMMEL – DEATH”

  1. So Gina, after watching his video, it is so obvious that he’s calling out. He sure was totally “engrossed” in the anxiety, fear, etc etc etc. When it’s the Romnel death, does that mean that he’s put to death for his crimes against humanity instead of the over dose as reported by the media? So did he know he was going to die/be put to sleep and that’s why he was crying out in Jesus’ name?

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    1. A rommel death gives them an “out” from public humility of a military tribunal and a military execution. They choose before they have to face a tribunal. Some overdose, some will jump from a window or off of a roof. He knew he was going to die. It was planned. I don’t know what he did to give himself a heart attack, I am sure there are ways.


      1. Just can’t even begin to imagine what he was feeling. So many people dying in the news these days. You can’t help but wonder…..

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