Are we watching a movie?


In October 2020 I wrote an extensive post trilogy proving that the dam had collapsed. When I had noticed that the supposed “LIVE WEBCAM” was on a loop I began to dig.

The start of my research, connecting the dots and where it lead me….

The Yangtze River – “Q Board” mentioned Chongqing. It is directly upriver from Wuhan on the Yangtze and the #12 largest city in the world at 16M. Fertile recruiting ground? #39 Wuhan is the same size as #38 NYC at 9M. Then Shanghai at #3 with 27M. Imagine the supply chain.

As of October 12, 2020, water levels remained at 172.09 – flooding point is 175.0 (Maximum). 23 cubic meters per second. All information was supposedly from China, accuracy was unknown.

20 Oct 2020

Severe floods and landslides triggered by weeks of heavy rains have killed at least 105 people in central Vietnam and “swamped” five million, according to media reports and an aid agency.About a third of the dead included soldiers whose barracks were buried under deadly mudslides last week, Reuters news agency reported on Tuesday.

‘Catastrophic floods’: 105 killed, 5 million affected in Vietnam

At least 178,000 homes submerged, nearly 7,000 hectares of crop impacted and close to 690,000 poultry, livestock killed or swept away.

The Yangtze River leads right into Vietnam from the 3 Gorges Dam, this peaked my interest and kept me digging for more dots to connect.

I then discovered the devastation of the 3 Gorges Dam to two of the Provinces in China. Landslides in Hainan and Sichuan had already occurred, a video was released on October 21, 2020 clearly documenting the flooding.

Continual rain on October 17, 2020 in the area with only one remaining gorge left to block the flooding.
The “LOOP” – On October 21, 2020 – The “LIVE WEBCAM” of the dam displayed calm waters and no rain. CCP Propaganda at it’s finest hour.

Then came the dramatic footage of the flooding in Vietnam. Remembering that the Yangtze River leads right into Vietnam, where else would such a flood originate but from the broken 3 Gorges dam?

When in full operation the dam should appear like this!
The 3 Gorges dam at less than full functional operation. Do you see the difference?

I then discovered a photo taken on July 9, 2020 of the water release of the dam.

The flooding caused by the 3 gorges dam in China, evacuations, deaths and loss of property.As you can see there is only one operating gorge remaining to handle water pressure of 60,000 cubic meters per second!It shouldn’t be long before the third and last gorge collapses.

The event of the COLLAPSE OF THE 3 GORGES DAM needs to be explained as there are still many who do not understand the ramifications and what this means when this event finally takes place.1) We take out the 24 Nuclear reactors for Gesara.2) We take out the Bitcoin Mining and destroy the Deep State toll used for Child Trafficking – We get the QFS (Quantum Financial System)3) We take out Big Pharma and we get the cures (MedBeds)All of the above goodbye to the CCP.It is necessary to realize that everything is connected to the 3 Gorges Dam collapsing. This is THE EVENT!!This is how General Flynn and Julian Assange are freed.The more people understand that NOTHING is going to happen until the dam collapses the better.Our near future that looks exciting, our life that will be fulfilled with cures and abundance is all about the event of the DAM COLLAPSING!PLEASE SHARE SO MORE PEOPLE UNDERSTAND THE PROMINENCE OF THE DAM COLLAPSE.

Then I discovered this information
A visual of one of the locks and how easy it is for children to be smuggled into the tunnels under the 3 Gorges Dam. Boats in and out exporting/importing – when the dam collapses these locks that are dependent upon for exporting goods will be gone.
Result? Market crash!
Also, take another look at the boats coming in and out, children were also brought in and out for child trafficking. A very easy and discreet way without anyone ever noticing.

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  1. Boom boom

    On Tue, 20 Apr 2021, 1:31 pm, wrote:

    > Gina Macina posted: ” Are we watching a movie? “WATCH THE WATER” In > October 2020 I wrote an extensive post trilogy proving that the dam had > collapsed. When I had noticed that the supposed “LIVE WEBCAM” was on a loop > I began to dig.” >

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  2. Thanx for your research and insight it’s what i also discovered doing my own research down this rabbit hole. Im just patiently waiting for something major to occur and the waters is wat ive been paying a lot of attention to besides these audits that these dems are so desperately trying to hide from the truth coming out. This is Good Vs Evil and in the End God always wins ! #HaveFaith

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  3. There is little doubt that the dam has either collapsed or has broken. The heavy flooding in Vietnam is the proof. MANY things are being hidden from us, this isn’t the only BIG piece of the puzzle.

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    1. The flooding in Vietnam referenced herein happened in October 2020 ( Also, the Yangtze River does not drain all the way out to Vietnam, it is the Mekong River that snakes from China to Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia and finally to Vietnam. While the Yangtze and the Mekong, along with the Yellow River, share similar headwaters in the Sanjiangyuan National Nature Reserve the Yangtze flows east while the Mekong flows south. The 3 Gorges Dam is downriver into the Yangtze and if ever it collapses, there’s no way the waters will flow up and go to the Mekong River.

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      1. If you read my article properly and read the title of the article you will understand the premise much better. The title states – “3 Gorges Dam – Has it ALREADY collapsed?” This post of mine was written last year on facebook.


  4. I not think it has broken yet as it would show down to Shanghai that it’s broken but seeing some of the very woot workmanship of the Chinese and using sub standards parts and concrete if it don’t go this year it will very soon after as the founding are into mud not rock also the shape is wrong it should be con-caved not start is it was before the water presser on it . It’s will brake very soon and who will China blame

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    1. Hi there! I am not able to add you to the subscription list. But you can complete your email at the bottom of each article I post. There is a subscription box available. Thank you for your support.


    1. With the news from China to the world being so tight lipped and the officials holding their cards so close to their chest, it is hard to know when or if it has collapsed. All we can do is put puzzle pieces together and gather theories.


  5. The 3G Dam is going to be taken out with the Rods of God along with 34 other satanic inspired structures….Coming SQQN


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