1. Is Clare Hocking Okell legit? She’s connected to Charlie Ward who’s friends with Jack Kidd whose sister ran a company with Ghislaine Maxwell as a director? Oh & she’s a polo player….as is Jack Kidd…..coincidence???


    1. I focus on the aspect that Clare is on the frontline with a team she has formed, actively taking out the DUMBS and rescuing children. If you look back at her past she has been an advocate for humanity donating her time and efforts for the good of the people. I am not focussing on the past of the others, her passion in her updates say it all. Just because she plays polo does not directly connect her to Jack Kidd, his sister or Ghislaine. I like the critical thinking intelligence you are using, that is a skill we all need to always use, however there are instances where logical thinking combined with the critical aspect comes into affect. Use your gut when listening to her speak. When others give updates of news do you hear passion in their voice or are they simply reciting from a piece of paper and then asking for donations. Has she ever asked for a donation for her efforts? No. She is rescuing children from the tunnels on her own dime. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion…I get it, I am just giving you another thinking Avenue you to contemplate on before dismissing her. She has a Telegram Channel, check it out and look at the material posted.


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