What Is Ascension? What Does “Ascension” Really Mean?

APRIL 29, 2021

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Ascension, by definition, is the path of those who are choosing to consciously step into a higher level of light. It’s a personal choice to boldly step into the unknown in order to expand into an experience that is entirely new.

Ascension is actively choosing to evolve into higher consciousness.

I know that I am ascending, I have consciously asked to ascend and I have actively worked towards ascension. I often feel the symptoms of ascension through intermittent body aches. This last bout of my achy body lasted 6 days. Yesterday being the worst day of all. The pain can be debilitating and most of the time it is in conjunction with the planet alignments and New moon and Full moon. This month the New Moon and Full Moon occurred within days, a back to back incident of planet energy. Some people experience severe headaches or areas of the body that has been previously injured. It is always my legs that are attacked.

Ascension is merging with your higher self, opening your heart, and expanding to reunite with Source, Christ Light, and all levels and layers of your authentic self. It is returning to the experience of Divine Light and experiencing the highest levels of unconditional love and Divine Alignment with Pure Source Light in every area of life.

Ascension is not something that happens to us on a certain date, or that we unknowingly or unwillingly stumble into.

Rather, through expanded awareness, and by integrating the higher vibrational consciousness of our spiritual selves, we are able to ascend.

Ascension is a process of aligning with higher consciousness and with the Divine. It doesn’t happen instantly or automatically, but rather ascension happens incrementally, as we increase our present moment illumination one step at a time.

Ascension is not only spiritual, physical, or mental. The ascension process has an impact on your entire being and how you perceive, relate to and interact with the world around you. Ascension is a total transformation. To ascend is to realign with Divine Love, and with awareness at an expanded level of consciousness.

What action is taken during ascension?

During the Ascension transformation it is advised to cleanse the body using a reliable detox system. Drink lots of water and take daily supplements. There are many who turn to juicing treatment plans. Meals should consist of mostly vegetables, meat is not recommended. Frequent exercise and meditation to free the mind of clutter allowing for your higher self to align transform and expand to a higher conscious level of intelligence.


Don’t just take my word for it. A 2012 review published in the Journal of Environmental Health found that achieving pH balance by eating an alkaline diet can be helpful in reducing morbidity and mortality from numerous chronic diseases and ailments — such as hypertension, diabetes, arthritis, vitamin D deficiency, and low bone density, just to name a few.

How do alkaline diets work? Research shows that diets consisting of highly alkaline foods — fresh vegetables, fruits and unprocessed plant-based sources of protein, for example — result in a more alkaline urine pH level, which helps protect healthy cells and balance essential mineral levels. This can be especially important for women doing intermittent fasting and/or following the keto diet, as hormone levels can be altered.

One of my favourite guided Ascension Meditations is this one – “Ascension Codes for Chakra Activation”

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