‘James Bond,’ ‘Last Action Hero’ NFL player turned actor, Frank McRae dead at 80 April 29, 2021 – reported heart attack.

May 6, 2021

Very odd that his death is just being reported today with the New York Post and Wikipedia has made their change just 8 hours ago.


Frank McRae, the ’80s and ’90s action star who appeared in films such as “License To Kill” and “Last Action Hero,” died of a heart attack on April 29, his daughter-in-law confirmed to Variety. He was 80. 

The Memphis, Tennessee, native appeared in more than 40 films during his three-decade career. Standing an imposing 6½ feet tall, McRae cornered the market on tough-guy characters in films ranging from “Big Wednesday” to “48 Hrs.,” and even “National Lampoon’s Loaded Weapon 1.”

The performer is perhaps best known for playing the James Bond ally Sharkey in the 1989 spy flick “License To Kill.” He also memorably appeared as Dekker in the 1993 action movie parody “Last Action Hero” alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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