Elon Musk announces ‘SNL’ international livestream

Elon Musk is ensuring “Saturday Night Live” fans around the world catch his guest spot tonight with a YouTube livestream that will broadcast the show “in select countries and territories.”

The billionaire shared a link to the stream Saturday afternoon just hours before making his “SNL” debut, where he’ll hit the stage alongside musical guest, Miley Cyrus.

Wait what? Oh this CGI performance ought to be good! Musical guest Miley Cyrus!!

Elon! Is that really you?

Elon in 2019

I have always had red flags flying up when it comes to this guy, you don’t become a billionaire without being tapped on the shoulder by the illuminati. Let’s face it, they want a piece of every action and Elon has the intelligence for the best of the best of technology.

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