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Thank you to Ken Kenneth for bringing this information forward for all of us.


TRUTH DOCTORS BELOWAS THE other doctors remain ignorant and cowardly silent1. Dr. Nancy Banks – https://bit.ly/1Ip0aIm2. Dr. Russell Blaylock – https://bit.ly/1BXxQZL3. Dr. Shiv Chopra – https://bit.ly/1gdgh1s4. Dr. Sherri Tenpenny – https://bit.ly/1MPVbjx5. Dr. Suzanne Humphries – https://bit.ly/17sKDbf6. Dr. Larry Palevsky – https://bit.ly/1LLEjf67. Dr. Toni Bark – https://bit.ly/1CYM9RB8. Dr. Andrew Wakefield – https://bit.ly/1MuyNzo9. Dr. Meryl Nass – https://bit.ly/1DGzJsc10. Dr. Raymond Obomsawin – https://bit.ly/1G9ZXYl11. Dr. Ghislaine Lanctot – https://bit.ly/1MrVeUL12. Dr. Robert Rowen – https://bit.ly/1SIELeF13. Dr. David Ayoub – https://bit.ly/1SIELve14. Dr. Boyd Haley PhD – https://bit.ly/1KsdVby15. Dr. Rashid Buttar – https://bit.ly/1gWOkL616. Dr. Roby Mitchell – https://bit.ly/1gdgEZU17. Dr. Ken Stoller – https://bit.ly/1MPVqLI18. Dr. Mayer Eisenstein – https://bit.ly/1LLEqHH19. Dr. Frank Engley, PhD – https://bit.ly/1OHbLDI20. Dr. David Davis – https://bit.ly/1gdgJwo21. Dr Tetyana Obukhanych – https://bit.ly/16Z7k6J22. Dr. Harold E Buttram – https://bit.ly/1Kru6Df23. Dr. Kelly Brogan – https://bit.ly/1D31pfQ24. Dr. RC Tent – https://bit.ly/1MPVwmu25. Dr. Rebecca Carley – https://bit.ly/K49F4d26. Dr. Andrew Moulden – https://bit.ly/1fwzKJu27. Dr. Jack Wolfson – https://bit.ly/1wtPHRA28. Dr. Michael Elice – https://bit.ly/1KsdpKA29. Dr. Terry Wahls – https://bit.ly/1gWOBhd30. Dr. Stephanie Seneff – https://bit.ly/1OtWxAY31. Dr. Paul Thomas – https://bit.ly/1DpeXPf32. Many doctors talking at once – https://bit.ly/1MPVHOv33. Dr. Richard Moskowitz – (has been censored)34. Dr. Jane Orient – https://bit.ly/1MXX7pb35. Dr. Richard Deth – https://bit.ly/1GQDL1036. Dr. Lucija Tomljenovic – https://bit.ly/1eqiPr537. Dr Chris Shaw – https://bit.ly/1IlGiBp38. Dr. Susan McCreadie – https://bit.ly/1CqqN8339. Dr. Mary Ann Block – https://bit.ly/1OHcyUX40. Dr. David Brownstein – https://bit.ly/1EaHl9A41. Dr. Jayne Donegan – https://bit.ly/1wOk4Zz42. Dr. Troy Ross – (has been censored)43. Dr. Philip Incao – https://bit.ly/1ghE7sS44. Dr. Joseph Mercola – https://bit.ly/18dE38I45. Dr. Jeff Bradstreet – https://bit.ly/1MaX0cC46. Dr. Robert Mendelson – https://bit.ly/1JpAEQr47. Dr Theresa Deisher https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=6Bc6WX33SuE48. Dr. Sam Eggertsen https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=8LB-3xkeDAE1.Vaccination – The Silent Epidemic: https://bit.ly/1vvQJ2W2. The Greater Good – https://bit.ly/1icxh8j3. Shots In The Dark – https://bit.ly/1ObtC8h4. Vaccination The Hidden Truth – https://bit.ly/KEYDUh5. Vaccine Nation – https://bit.ly/1iKNvpU6. Vaccination – The Truth About Vaccines: https://bit.ly/1vlpwvU7. Lethal Injection – https://bit.ly/1URN7BJ8. Bought – https://bit.ly/1M7YSlr9. Deadly Immunity – https://bit.ly/1KUg64Z10. Autism – Made in the USA: https://bit.ly/1J8WQN511. Beyond Treason – https://bit.ly/1B7kmvt12. Trace Amounts – https://bit.ly/1vAH3Hv13. Why We Don’t Vaccinate – https://bit.ly/1KbXhuf

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