Please share this posting so that my 10,000 followers know that I have not deserted them. I received no warning at all from Facebook.

I will continue to post information on my blog website, please follow me on here and on my Telegram page GinaMacina.

Unfortunately I was not able to transfer all of my information from the past 17 months to continue on with the archive post book I was working on. A very important history book of what we all witnessed.

My hope is that there will be a few people who would like to help with this project, a group effort and share information. Finish this very important book collectively. Please contact me through here – if you are interested.

At this time I will not open another Facebook account. Facebook is deep state cabal and I am done with all dealings with them.

Love all of you and I hope that you peeps will follow me on here and Telegram.


  1. Man! I hate that! I was wondering if that is what happened! I had just read some things today and then gone! So mad at F Book! Ugh. Glad you are here at least!! Always look forward to your information. Thanks. Chrissie

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  2. I had figured that you were in FB jail. Your’s are the posts I look for first when I get on Facebook. To be banned permanently!!!! You go girl!!! I’ll keep up with you here and on Telegram. Take care and let me know how your father is doing. Bless!


  3. What a winding road and journey it has been. For some odd reason I am able to get onto facebook through Google Chrome but I have lost all of my followers, starting over again and trying to remember everyone who I adored on my page has been hard. I am under the same name but Facebook has made it hard to find me…I dont know what they do to the algorithyms. Telegram and my website will have all up to date information.


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