PART ONE – 9/11 and what the history books should read.

I have been hanging onto a lot of documents that I have accumulated over the past 18 months about the day 2,996 people became collateral damage.

I am going to post on here the truth and nothing but the truth – so help me God. I will get into the 50 year old agenda these conspirators maintained since 1991 and how they had to rid the world of their evidence on September 11, 2001.

I would like to kick this segment off with what I feel is one of the best videos created on what really happened that day. You will be shocked when you see Rudy Guilliani in this documentary covering up evidence. You will be further shocked at the details of evidence this producer explored to prove his theory.

This video of course was wiped off of youtube – can’t have the truth floating around now can we? The link to the Vimeo video is down below. I have included two links just in case….

Below is the second edition of “Loose Change”

Tune onto my website page tomorrow for PART TWO – THE CONSPIRATORS AND THEIR AGENDA OF 9/11

2 thoughts on “PART ONE – 9/11 and what the history books should read.”

  1. Gina, been aware since Vietnam/Kent state of the dark ones. Thank you for airing these videos….I lived a lot of them. Thanks for also naming the traitors.bless you

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