PART FOUR – 9/11 and what the history books should read

The War Chest – The crimes of the shadow government were about to be exposed.

Fifty years of financial fraud crimes of the Cabal were about to be exposed and 2,996 innocent people perished as “Collateral Damage”.

E.H. Harriamn (Edward, Henry) – an Industrial giant, known as the “Railroad King” got his start from borrowing money from the Rothschilds. He was one of the 20 men who met at the home of millionaire Clint Merchison, the night before John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas, plotting his murder. These 20 men were the first illuminati industrialists, these men formed a cartel. Among the men included The Rockefeller’s (oil), Carnegie’s (steele), J.P. Morgan (banker) and Remington among others.

BCCI is a known bank for criminal money laundering. I presented information on this website called “The Sting Patriot”, exposing Hillary Clinton’s ties to BCCI.

Taking note of the people involved in these covert operations from all over the world, it demonstrates the vast criminal activity that has been occuring and how we the people have been enslaved. Soldiers going to war sacrificing their lives for government black-ops. The length of time it is taking Trump and the Military Intelligence Team to take down these monsters is understandable. His Presidency truly was a “Sting Operation”.

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