August 14, 2021

Fulton County Georgia Voter Registration Chief, Ralph Jones, Resigns After 12 Years Of Service.

Jones was one of the county officials onsite at State Farm Arena on Election Night, as the counting of ballots continued past midnight.

Fulton County’s voter registration chief, a fixture in the office beloved by many of his subordinates, has resigned following pressure and threats over his work during the 2020 election.

Ralph Jones worked for the Secretary of State, Georgia’s top election official, for two decades before he joined Fulton County in 2009.

Those hours became a fixation of the Trump campaign’s efforts to discredit Fulton County’s handling of the election. In his position, Jones became a target of the former president’s supporters who sought to prove an Election Night conspiracy at the arena.

Ralph and his team plotted to remove ALL elections observers (Republicans) from the counting room so they could roll out their suitcases full of Joe Biden ballots and run them through the machine.

It’s happening!! The exposure of truth we have been waiting for!

HUGE! WE CAUGHT THEM! Conspiracy Revealed — 3rd Suspect in GA “Suitcase Scandal” is Also the Same Man Who Spoke to Reporters on Water Main Break.

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