Why does President Trump promote vaccines?

This has been a stumbling block and a head scratcher for many in the truther community. Many began to doubt his agenda and came up with reasons to believe that he was on the side of the Cabal and he has been fooling us all along. Many have lost faith in the plan and began to doubt Trump’s true convictions to help the world during this war, a fight for our freedom like we have never seen before. A silent war where there are no guns, bombs, grenades or tanks. A war where the Cabal weapon is the vaccine and mainstream media. The media brainwashes fear and the vaccine is the salvation to freedom.

Today I saw this recent video clip of President Trump and knew that others would see it as well and question his alliance with the people. This is what led me to dig and find answers to relieve the minds of those who have lost hope and faith in the one leader who can save us from the most evil cartel the world has ever known.

In this 5 minute video, a day after Trump was released from Walter Reed hospital in 2020 after contracting covid, he touts “Regeneron” – a therapuetic cure.

Watch the 1:24 second clip and then read the article below. Listen carefully when Trump touts “Regeneron” again, the therapeutic medication he stated last year was the miracle that helped him when he contracted covid.

Please take time to read this article. It explains fully as to why Trump promotes the vaccine. This article will give you the confidence and faith that President Trump is indeed in alliance with we the people and continues to fight for our FREEDOM.

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2 thoughts on “Why does President Trump promote vaccines?”

  1. I absolutely 100% disagree too many lives are being taken there is nothing good with his promotion even if he was speaking code. He like the rest have a purpose to whats happening. I believed him at 1 point but when you see that he is nothing more then controlled opposition. His job is to illuminate us who are the resistant. I see it and my faith and trust is in Yahuhua and Him only. 🙏🏾


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