My collection of useful Memes, images and information to help with those online heated debates.

October 2, 2022

We all get sucked into that Liberal idiocy vortex, we get bamboozled into their quagmire of what they really believe is the honest to God’s truth. But what we all have to remember, there is a very small percentage of us who have actually taken the time to do the necessary research, on not only today’s political climate, but also on what has taken place in the past to lead us to where we are now.

We know that the illuminati was created in May, 1776 and have infiltrated EVERYTHING from Boy Scouts to Charities, Hollywood, Music, Sports Arenas, the food we eat, Big Pharma, Politicians, banking, Military, education, Media, climate and DISEASE CONTROL. Sadly, those who depend on the media for information don’t know anything about what is going on behind the black curtain of the Cabal. They have no idea that the Cabal puts out their truth in plain sight everywhere, but these Netflix watchers still can’t see it. If you want to suggest a great drama series for your “normy” friends to watch, The Black List”. It is all about the Cabal and Raymond Reddington is at the top of the food chain in this series and is untouchable. The Cabal have one code of integrity and violation of it scares the shit out of them! I know what you are thinking, “They have integrity, really? I just lost a friend from the toxic vaccine, how can this be integrity? My husband had to make a choice, more like blackmail – Take the shot or Take a walk, so how do these evil monsters have any kind of integrity?”

The biggest fear of the Illuminati/Cabal is KARMIC RETALIATION. They have to expose what evil they are about to do, or the evil they have done in the past to US! By doing this, in their weird sense of justifying their actions, we are giving them our consent to carry on. Their second biggest fear is we the people exposing them for what they really are, corrupt, evil satanic “things” – because I don’t believe that they are human.

In my opinion the offering up an experimental vaccine, knowing that there were side effects (a lot of them deadly to those with predisposed medical conditions) and mandating them, was a blatant CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY – But guess what, those who lined up like a herd of sheep consented to their evil deed, gave the Cabal exactly what they needed, consent! These people literally consented and freed the cabal of one of their only fears, karmic retaliation. Those who watched Netflix during lockdowns while we got down and dirty researching to get to the bottom of the “plandemic”, didn’t know what they were signing up for, and in essence gave their consent to the Cabal’s present agenda of depopulation. What will they consent to next?

So attempting to have a discussion/debate with someone who really doesn’t know what is going on, is literally fruitless. Save your breath! Change your agenda from debate to educating and eventually we may be able to unite as one with these people. (Probably not all – Okay for sure not all) It is up to us, we have the power of knowledge to educate them before they consent to the next part of the agenda, the SOCIAL CREDIT SCORE SYSTEM.

How can we educate them if they won’t listen/read what we are trying to tell them, you may ask? With images. A picture says a thousand words and we have to remember that these people haven’t done any research for a reason, they are lazy. There aren’t too many people who will sit for 5 minutes and read. They would rather read one sentence at a time with an image. The best social media accounts are posts with one liners or posts with just an image.

So without further ado, here is a collection I think may help you. Social Media censoring doesn’t usually attack memes, so take advantage of this tool. FYI – Instagram is still brutal on censorship so be careful.

This is a recent Donato cartoon from the Toronto Sun – This will be our furture if WE THE PEOPLE do not unite and take these people out of power – Believe it or not, we have the power to do this with our voices.
Climate Change is a HOT topic right now, why? Because this is the next part of their agenda to lock us down with. If you think Covid lockdowns were bad, wait until you see what they have in store for us with their Climate Change hoax.

Remember, these evil monsters have weaponized the CIA, and the CIA has access and has used HAARP for weather manipulation. Don’t believe me? Look up Operation Popeye, weather manipulation has been going on since Vietnam.
These people also have access and have used Direct Energy Weapons (DEW), you really think those fires in California started because of what? Heat? A cigarette? These are their weapons and by God they will and have used them.

Look what happened in Florida recently, Hurricane Ian. Gov. DeSantis is the most popular Governor in the USA right now. He stands for freedom, hated the mandates and shut them down lickety split! Florida is excelling economically and people are moving to that State in droves from all over the US and world!
The Democrats are desperately trying to shut him down, and what better way to help tarnish the brilliant reputation of DeSantis than a horrific and possible deadly created hurricane, that my friends was their weapon of choice.
The next thing we are reading online and seeing in the media is a smear campaign directed at Gov. DeSantis saying that he did not handle the preparation for the storm correctly and he doesn’t seem to be prepared for the horrid aftermath.
What was Biden’s pep talk of preparation to Floridians the day before “Ian” hit? “Get vaccinated”! Still pushing the narrative of the vaccine we have all debunked months ago.
*Important Note – We are WINNING this war, but don’t be fooled, the Cabal have been at this way too long to give up without a hard fight. My advice? Brace yourselves, buckle up and hold onto the HOLY SHIT bars, because we have not yet seen their biggest weapon yet. They are going to pull off the largest and deadliest GLOBAL false flag the world has ever seen, it will be bigger than 9/11.

How do I know this? I can see they are losing, I can feel the energy that has shifted onto the side of the people, and these demons are just that, evil demons. (For those who meditate and for those who are empaths, this energy shift will have hit you the hardest. Headaches and lethargy are two of my biggest signs of an energy shift whether it is Macro or Micro, I can detect a change on the horizon.)

These demons are not human, but that is a weightier red pill to swallow and it’s not for everyone to take down with just a glass of water. (I used a shot of tequila when my eyes were opened)

Social Media is our only forum for our voices to be heard, USE IT! When we call the cabal operatives out we are literally saying, “We know what you are up to, we know what you’re planning, and we don’t believe your climate hoax, you have been exposed”.

If enough of us call these villains out, they have no choice but to stop what they are doing and move onto the next part of their agenda, and then we start all over again until we stop them permanently!

What is my example of them moving on you may ask?
Just last week Biden was strolling through the car show in Michigan and casually stated on National TV – “The Pandemic is over”. Now you’re asking “Why would he tell Florida to get vaccinated the day before “Ian”, if the Pandemic is over?”
I am sure you all know that Biden, first and foremost, is NOT THE REAL BIDEN, was implanted into the Oval Office not for his freaking intelligence, that’s for sure, but to carry out the agenda and carry on with the corruption. He is well insulated, and sadly he will never answer to his crimes publicly, he and his entire crime family have been dealt with. We must all forget about wanting to see justice, it may or may not become public, it’s not for me to say or predict, just focus on the next step of this corrupt faction.
I can still hear you asking questions, the next one being, “Why would the cabal install a complete idiot into the office of THE most powerful Country in the world?”
Infiltrating the office of the President of the United States of America with a bumbling dunce who appears to be suffering from dementia, is their way of gauging just how stupid the average supporter of the Democrats really are!
Think about those faithful supporters who are still blindly cheering him on, those are the ones who also easily complied throughout the Illuminati’s “plandemic”. Gauging the intelligence of the people is a guide for the Cabal to see how far they can go, how far they can get without being exposed.

Sorry, I got carried away, I get that way sometimes due to the entire corrupted network, it riles me up and disturbs my soul, I didn’t elaborate and answer why Biden stated at the car show, “The Pandemic is over” – The cabal has many methods of communicating to each other, that is why they have been able to escape from being exposed. Listen to what they say and read between the lines.

In my opinion, Biden was signalling to the cult operatives, that the green light to install the next segment that has been on their timetable, longer than most of us have been alive, is a GO!
I can hear your next question, “how did you come to that conclusion Gina?”
I found it odd the way it was stated with ease, he did not fumble with his words, at all, so it stuck with me, and it played in my head. The next day, his nitwit Press Secretary began to back peddle about this statement, and that’s when I knew. Yes, the pandemic is over, but they still want us living in fear until they kick off their next event.
Maintaining a state of fear is their best weapon to coincide with their agenda.
Sorry, I had to – LOL I just threw this in for shitz and giggles – It’s one of my faves. We all know that she is a dummy and that every statement she makes is a word salad of complete idiocy. My favourite of all time is,
“We will work together and continue to work together… and to work together as we continue to work…that we will convene to work together on”. (Eyeroll) LOL
Yes, there are still the very fearful wearing masks and promoting masks online. The weaponized media did a good job with these people, didn’t they?
Last week the hashtag #Bringbackmasks trended on Twitter for a day or so, not long because the Libs have an attention span of a house fly. If they only realized how ridiculous they look, and how constant wear of the masks can impact the health of the body. Bacterial Pneumonia is real people!
We breathe in and we breathe out C02 – We are supposed to breathe out the harmful C02, that is biology 101 – The C02 cannot escape while wearing a mask, it gets sucked right back into the lungs, If less oxygen is available to breathe, symptoms such as rapid breathing, rapid heart rate, clumsiness, emotional upsets and fatigue can result. As less oxygen becomes available, nausea and vomiting, collapse, convulsions, coma and death can occur. Get it? If you are vaccinated and you really believe you are protected, then why the Sam Hell do you need to wear a mask?
Geesh, this one slays me, I know they are living in fear but all common sense has gone out the window.
They walk amongst us. I am so happy I was not on this flight, I don’t think I would have been able to contain myself for very long, and probably would have been given the boot before take off.
All you can do is laugh at this point.
The Canadian Liberals have nothing else to argue/discuss/debate with. Since the Freedom Convoy in Ottawa last February, they have dubbed us “FreeDumb” Or “FreeDumbers”.
Imagine if you will, a part of society who mocks, slams and viciously attack, those who are fighting for the freedom we all once had in our life.
Again, they are victims of the MK Ultra mind control of the media. If you have not gone down the rabbit hole of MK Ultra, you will learn that it is real and it is effective and it no longer requires a person to be strapped into a chair, the media has done it all and quite effectively.
They developed Operation Mockingbird for this very reason.
Repeat the same thing enough times, well then it must be true right? Right? Wrong!
I have often wondered what the reason is to why so many of us have not fallen for the media mind control method, and on the other hand there are those who have been totally hypnotized to believe the deceit. I think it all boils down to the simple explanation, there are leaders and there are followers. There are those who can only handle, and are happy with a 9-5 job,
and there are those who are born to lead and are natural entrepreneurs.
There are those who take direction without question and there are those who will ask “Why”.
There are also those who have the need to see before they believe, and the media has the ability to give them what they need with their tools of fabricated scenarios and fake news reels.
These people need proof, pure and simple concrete proof. And when I say simple, that is all they can handle, that is why the visual aids of memes are effective.
This brings me to another very important point. We have all read about the side effects, the social media platforms are no longer censoring them. We know that the Court mandated the release of an 80,000 page Pfizer document describing side effects and death from the vaccine, these pages are slowly surfacing.
So if these people need proof in order to believe, why don’t they believe now? Why can’t they see the harmful effects of this toxic experimental vaccine that has killed so many?
Why are they going for the second, third, fourth and fifth shot?
There is a very powerful mind control that controls all of our choices, and that is the power of the EGO. At this point it is too hard for them to fight that EGO and say,
It is much easier to justify their actions and continue on the path they chose blindly.
There is NOT – A – THING – YOU – CAN – SAY to these people that will change their minds, so walk away from the conversation and/or don’t bother commenting on the post. The only tool these people have at their disposal is to trigger you into saying something that is considered “hate speech” by the platform and the Liberals are at the ready to report you. And BAM! Just like that, you are suspended, or banned just as I have been multiple times. Remember, we are using platforms controlled by the illuminati/cabal, they want all of us off.
The EGO is so powerful it is the portion of the human personality which is experienced as the “self” or “I” and is in contact with the external world through perception. How I see the external world is how I was taught during the human development years as a child and this is will forever be what directs decisions. Believe it or not, Fifty percent of our traits, mannerisms, personality and behaviour, are genetic, the other fifty percent is environment. If the environment is stronger than the genes there is a chance to break the cycle.
The EGO is the master, big or small this is the part of all of us that has guided us through life.

I am very sad to report, this young 20 year old passed away 2 days ago.
Last week a report surfaced about breast milk tainted with the content of the vaccine. I know we all read about pregnant women running for their shot, but what happened to the days when even a cup of coffee was taboo during pregnancy? How were they able to convince these Mothers that an experimental vaccine would be okay to inject? FEAR MONGERING – That is all it took. Media round the clock fear mongering. The talking heads, ticker tapes of cases and covid deaths spinning faster than the wheel on The Price is Right. Images of people in China supposedly keeling over with blood exploding from their mouths and interviews with the media expert panelists screaming,
“get your vaccine now!”
We have all seen the Ukraine flags on the bios,
Oy vey if they only knew what they were really supporting.

And now for some random memes

Although this is not a meme, this is a good image to post in the midst of a heated debate. It is a reminder that the science they have been told has been fabricated by the guy who told them to get injected with a toxic shot.
Don Lemon contracted covid in 2020 and was in quarantine for a couple of weeks and came back looking very different.
This is how they were able to use covid to switch these people and use body doubles/ actors/ A.I./ CGI – whatever they want to use, it is all at their disposal.
FUN FACT: His prime time show was taken away for a reason, he was placed into another time slot that they know will not do so well. “Don Lemon Tonight” has averaged a dismal nightly audience of 683,000 viewers in 2022, down 34% from his 2021 viewership that finished behind both MSNBC and Fox News in the time slot. 
They are slowly phasing these people out of the public eye. The White Hats could not just yank all of these people out and make them disappear without a really good explanation.
There are too many of them to do this, especially all at the same time. This is all done for the sake of the “normys”. Yes, I truly believe that the White Hats are still working behind the scenes.
This is the new look of Don Lemon in the new time slot.
This is for my fellow Canucks
Steven Guilbeault – The Canadian Minister of Environment and Climate change – And yes he has an arrest record. And people wonder why I am not proud to be a Canadian anymore.
A reminder why many of us are so passionate about this fight. For me it has always been about the children. The stats on how many children go missing each year, they will never be accurate. Suffice to say it is in the 100’s of 1000’s.
I am going to drop a video from a 60 Minutes episode that aired in 1989, about a very young girl who’s Grandmother gave her to the satanic cult for sex and so many other atrocities.
At first I was shocked that this video was still on YouTube and not purged with the others, secondly…It was easy to see that the cabal used the show, 60 Minutes to expose the truth in plain sight!!
Again, I will reiterate, the cabal have to expose the truth to avoid karmic retaliation from Satan.

If you think you can educate someone about the realities of the satanic cult and what they are doing to the children, this 60 Minute episode would be a great one to pass along to them.

If you haven’t figured it out already, the Biden regime has the borders wide open to continue on with Child Trafficking.
There have been many reports about children who have gone missing, who came across the border with their parents.
Have you thought about all of the money that is being sent to Ukraine and wonder where it is coming from? The faction need to clean all of the money they are making from drugs and human trafficking, the Ukraine is their laundromat.
It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to wonder why people like Pelosi are taking the time to visit a freaking war zone.
I read a report that only 30% of the funds from the US are getting to the frontline.
That seems about right, Zelensky’s cut.
It’s always good to just giggle at meaningless stuff throughout this journey
Hillary Clinton was interviewed denouncing Comet Pizza and the child molestations that occurred in it’s basement. That’s when I knew we were on track to the truth.
Just for shitz & giggles – It’s always good to throw in humour during an online debate.
We know we have been right all along, it has been confirmed that our research findings have been correct, but there are still those who will never concede.
This post by Occupy Democrats was quickly taken down, but not quick enough for a screen shot.
This is what a real Freudian slip looks like.
The ingredient you would be looking for is “Hek 293” or Senomyx.
The Cabal corporations probably know that they have been exposed about Senomyx and could have “conveniently” changed the name of the ingredient to throw us off track. When I researched this last year I did find it. Unfortunately I posted this research on Facebook and as most of you know, my third and last account was torn down without notice. They just didn’t like my truth I guess.
I apologize to those who are Catholic, I am also Catholic, but the truth of the Catholic Church has been exposed and if you haven’t noticed, the Pope was removed in 2020.
The vanishing Pope
FUN FACT: Remember when Tiger Woods was in that horrific car accident in California, February, 2021? He sustained serious injuries to his legs. As a golfer, the first thing that came to mind was, “That’s it, his career is over”. Strong legs and core are an absolute necessity to play a competitive game of golf, and his level of competition is far and above the average amateur. Tiger spoke in an interview and said, “There was a point in time when, I wouldn’t say it was 50-50, but it was damn near there if I was going to walk out of that hospital with one leg,” 
The next thing I hear, Tiger is back on tour! WTF! How??
He admitted to using a Holographic bed he had in his home to help him heal.
The technology that has been kept from us for far too long.
#TrudeauMustGoToJail has been trending all week and still going strong.
The Canadian Liberals, decided to start their own trend #IStandWithTrudeau. This hashtag is no longer trending, surprised? I’m not. It takes time and effort to keep a hashtag trending, they simply don’t have the stamina to follow through with their conviction. There is no doubt that Canada and Australia are the Beta test for the WEF – Now more than ever our voices need to be heard Canadians.

I feel like I have over stayed my welcome with this blog entry. There is still so much more I want cover. I am still hoping to compile all of the information from January, 2020 to present into a book for future generations. I don’t want the new generations to read history books that are fabricated as we did during our school years.

If anyone is inclined to help with research and compile information with me, please email me at – This is not a paying job, I do not get paid, I do all of this out of passion for truth. If you have the same passion I hope you will contact me.

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