PfizerGate – “The Speed of Science” BIG PHARMA used humans as their lab rats

October 17, 2022


At this time during the second committee meeting, Mislav is labelling the vaccines “fake” and asks for a refund of 71+ BILLION DOLLARS

How many of us begged our family and friends not to get the vaccine because we knew of the dangers it imposed onto the body? How many of us lost friends and family because they didn’t believe our factual information we presented? In silence we have observed the vaccinated contract covid, time and time again, which should have been a RED FLAG for those vaccinated, and for those who were considering the option of vaccination. But they believed the brainwashed narrative, the talking heads on TV repeatedly echoing the same, ‘Safe & Effective’.

Ontario Premier boasted to Ontarians, “It’s proven, it works”

They were told that they still could contract covid, but hey, you probably won’t die and it won’t be as severe as unvaccinated. As has been confirmed, they opted to inject a vaccine that not only causes deadly side effects, but also does not protect from transmission. But wait…there’s more! World leaders and the media are completely ignoring this HUGE DIRTY LITTLE SECRET DUMP and now have fact checkers attempting to back peddle what was exposed in the EU Parliament. They just won’t take the “L”.

Keep in mind, these Fact Checkers have been hired to attempt to debunk the EXPLOSIVE news that dropped last week. It’s not going to happen.

I have also noticed new booster shots advertised, as if anyone would trust Pharma after this debacle. Good luck dipshitz! The cat is out of the bag, the narrative is crumbling and we have been right all along. I have done nothing but post everywhere about the Pfizer scandal since the bolt of lightening jolted the world last week, and I hope you do too. Be prepared, the globalists are going to create a smoke & mirror event to distract our attention, their playbook is so very transparent, they do this every time when they want to divert our attention away from one of their f*ck ups. It is important to keep this information at the forefront of all news cycles. In the meantime, if you haven’t already, you are going to come across vaccinated people who won’t believe this mammoth scandal. Their defence mechanisms will be on high alert and will try their best to discredit the truth. I have provided posts within this blog for your reference. Please share. Follow me on Twitter @ginamacina60

“The Speed of Science” = Someone paid Pfizer BIG BUCKS to rush the vaccine to market.

I began writing this blog the day after this bombshell dropped, and monitoring and adding information as it all unfolds on the daily. Exposure of BIG PHARMA’S dirty little secre

Keith Olbermann is obviously getting paid to maintain the vaccine narrative as he posts a selfie getting the next booster shot. *NOTE – If I have learned anything along this journey of uncovering the corrupt and satanic evil cabal, these reptiles won’t go down without a hard fight.

The biggest bombshell scandal of our time dropped last week, when just one man in the EU Parliament Covid hearings, asked the biggest question the world should have heard the answer to, two years ago, it was a simple”Yes or No” question that, to my surprise was actually truthfully answered. Does the vaccine protect from transmission? (I have attached the EU Parliament video below)

How convenient, I call bullshit!

Watch me get sniped for this….. idc. When I come back from being πŸŒβ€™d I’ll continue to shove these truths in the closed minded and governments faces πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’― #exposinglies #imtheone #likemany #werefedup #takingastand #fyp

♬ original sound – A.C. The Southern King πŸ”πŸŒ€

Remember this? Biden casually strolling around the car show in Michigan stating, “The pandemic is over”

Biden usually stumbles and slurs with his words and most of the time it seems he is speaking in a language I have labelled as ‘Mumbles’. However, as he strolled around the car show, he very casually and quite clearly said, “The pandemic is over”. I have gotten into the habit of reading between the lines, the cabal have to communicate somehow, and because he stated this sentence without a stutter or a hiccup, I interpreted it as signalling that the next phase of their plan is about to be activated. Three weeks later we have the scandalous news bomb dropped on us, the covid vaccine does not protect against transmission.

Where’s Albert Bourla?

The European Committee met earlier this week expecting to hear from Albert Bourla during their session. To their shock and dismay, he was a *no show*, and no one knew his whereabouts. Each time a member was given their time to speak they would ask the same question, “Where is Albert Bourla?”, not even his assistant could answer that question, if you ask me – SHE KNEW!

Albert and Ursula – chatter and rumours of a fling between the two.

To summarize it became very clear to the committee that the vaccine was NEVER tested for transmission protection.

This is a vaccine that the corrupt world leaders marketed, pushed and mandated onto the people of their Country. They pushed this vaccine harder than a crack cocaine dealer on a corner in Brooklyn, New York. Their biggest ploy was pulling at the heart strings of many when they would plead for the safety of the elderly, “protect your Grandparents”. Did these corrupt globalist politicians know that there wasn’t a transmission protection component in the vaccine?

FYI – Albert Bourla’s yearly income is 24.3 million

We have been in a silent war, a psychological warfare, the media as their big psychological weapon, injecting the fear and brainwashing the masses. The vaccine is their bioweapon along with China sending over boatload shipments of fentanyl, another big kill shot.

Good vs Evil major war. If you think in terms of war, a strategic move would be to leak information to the public that would destroy their biggest weapon, the covid vaccine.

This is all my interpretation of all this craziness, feel free to email me your thoughts or write a comment if you have any additions to my theory.

So good ole Albert Bourla. His income for 2021 was 24.3 million for the year, not including other funds thrown his way. One of

In conclusion, the vaccinated and unvaccinated now hold the same status, if there really is a virus, neither group has protection of transmission.

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