Covid Corruption, Collusion, Fraud and Murder EXPOSED!

October 29, 2022

“THE REAL ANTHONY FAUCI” DOCUMENTARY Newly released documentary by Robert F KennedyJr.

There are two parts to this documentary and you don’t want to miss it! Bobby Kennedy exposes all of the CORRUPTION, COLLUSION AND FRAUD involved with the nefarious, meticulous, evil, satanic carefully planned out Covid-19 Pandemic [PLANDEMIC]

Bobby and other experts on the documentary will get right into Anthony Fauci and his role not only in Covid but also in all of the past outbreaks the world has endured. You will hear them prove his hand in human experiments on children for an AIDS Medication and the murder of these 80 children who died from the toxic medication he experimented with on them. After watching PART ONE AND PART TWO you will probably come to the conclusion that Fauci is a CHILD KILLER DISGUISED AS A SCIENTIST.

PART ONE – Rumble Link Below

There is also my personal link you can try:


For those of you who are feeling really inquisitive and want to take a peak into what our future may hold if we don’t resist, the newly released documentary THE GREATEST RESET is a 3.5 hour long, well worth your time to watch. I am on my second viewing taking notes. This will be another shock wave that will blow off your socks till next Tuesday!

If some reason the link for THE GREATEST RESET does not work, simply go to ODYSEE and search in the bar for the title. The cabal globalists are not going to make it easy on us to find these sources so we have to be a little creative. I will insert a photo of what you will be looking for:

Stay tuned for PART TWO OF MY BLOG for a summary of what has been happening and where the heck does humankind stand right now. Theres a lot of excitement about the future and a little dash of stress.

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