PART TWO of Today’s update from the past 3 weeks – What’s happened and where the hell are we all headed?

PART TWO – October 29, 2022

I would first like to give a shout out to a friend on Twitter who has been keeping the flow of information coming my way. It’s always amazing finding that person who is on the same wave length and at the same stage of research, it is no longer a teaching or raising awareness mode, it slides you right into sharing and exploring theories mode.

A BIG thank you to “Soul Kif”

Soul Kif sent me this and my first reaction was, WTF did I just watch?

China has been on the Social Credit Score system for some time now. The program initiated regional trials in 2009, before launching a national pilot with eight credit scoring firms in 2014. It was first introduced formally by then Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao on 20 October 2011, during one of the State Council Meetings. This is the first time I have seen this QR code flying over traffic via a”POLICE” drone. This should tie into what we all watched in 2020 when the Cabal controlled Democrats brainwashed their minions to chant, “DEFUND THE POLICE” Now tie that in with the Police drone in the clip, make sense? Taking into consideration China began their trials in 2009, I would think we have some time to resist this communism coming to the West.

News of stress or concern for Toronto, Canada. There are reports of three China Police Stations installed. Other reports are claiming there are fifty four China Police Stations in total around the world.

Go ahead say it! Just this once because this deserves this reaction – What the f*ck is going on?

I have heard chatter about this over a month ago, and what I heard the reason was for these Chinese police stations was for China to track their citizens out of Country. Other than that I saw nothing more of concrete proof, but now I am seeing news reports by our Mainstream Media rag newspaper outlets.

This Canadian News article confirmed the theory – China tracking their citizens overseas.

An indictment has been unsealed by a U.S. judge in Brooklyn that alleges seven defendants on behalf of the People’s Republic of China spent years harassing, threatening, surveilling and intimidating a U.S. resident to return to China.

The investigation has links to Canada, claiming one suspect “offered for PRC leadership working on the case to come meet [the victim] John Doe-1 in Toronto, Canada.”

The U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland spoke about the case Wednesday saying “the suspects threatened and harassed the victim’s family members both in the U.S. and China.”

Canadian RCMP is equivalent to the FBI in the USA, they are corrupt as hell as is the FBI, they are at Trudeau’s beck and call. So needless to say when I saw this headline of RCMP investigation the possibility of China installing police stations, my immediate thought was, ‘Are they doing this just to appease the public to prevent panic?’

The article reads:

The RCMP say they are investigating Chinese “so-called police stations” in the greater Toronto region after the stations’ existence was revealed by a human-rights organization in a report last month.

The report by Safeguard Defenders highlighted 54 stations around the world, and three in Toronto, that it alleges are being used to harass and coerce Chinese citizens into returning to China for various reasons.

“The RCMP is investigating reports of criminal activity in relation to the so-called ‘police stations,’ said the RCMP in a statement. “As the RCMP is currently investigating the incident, there will be no further comment on the matter at this time.”

A peek at where the other China Police Stations have been planted around the world.

What the world was unaware of until now however, is that over the past few years, China may have also been violating international law by secretly sending their police to at least 25 cities in 21 countries, setting up more than 50 illegal police stations across five continents to monitor, threaten and terrorise Chinese nationals living overseas.

I trust China like I trust the cheap products they sell online. There is more to their agenda. This feels China is invading the entire Globe. Good grief this is all part of the WEF one world Klaus Schwab agenda. This is a step towards bringing the world under a one policing system. And because China is so far advanced with the communism in their Country they are setting up shop for the rest of the Countries. Nothing can convince me that Trudeau or any other Leader doesn’t know about what’s happening.

The Chinese government has been accused of establishing at least two undeclared “police stations” in the Netherlands. 

Dutch media found evidence that the “overseas service stations”, which promise to provide diplomatic services, are being used to try to silence Chinese dissidents in Europe. 

A spokeswoman for the Dutch foreign ministry said the existence of the unofficial police outposts was illegal.

What happened with Paul Pelosi?

I will post a few scenarios and you can come to your own conclusion. In my opinion, the math doesn’t add up. How does a guy in underwear, carrying a hammer even get near the most secure neighbourhood, then slinks up to the house, and somehow the house security cameras don’t catch a glimpse of him, slides right by Paul Pelosi’s Secret Service detail and breaks into the home of the Speaker of the House.

This was my conclusion at 3AM this morning

Another good scenario

This information adds to the plot, dispatch confirms that the person who called 911 is a “friend”

This is when I really knew that the Deep State Dems were just making shit up now.

This guy got my vote as TWEET OF THE DAY

That’s it for now, come and join me on FREEDOM OF SPEECH TWITTER we are having a party everyday all day and night! So much fun!

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