The Amnesty of Forgiveness – A plea from the Globalists

November 1, 2022

Dear Evil Satanic blood sucking, pedophile Globalists:

Apparently this amnesty is from you, the evil Globalists now grovelling for forgiveness for the tyranny imposed. Now you’re asking us to forget the millions who are now dead, and those who are maimed from the side effects and bled.

You now want forgiveness for admiring our obedience, while following the arrows of the aisles and becoming expedient. Your division of us worked well I agree, but we began to really detest, to be told we weren’t following like the rest.

You then restricted contact with your 6ft apart, and the masks representing the slaves you were discontenting, and wanted us to be…. and for this you want amnesty?

If this is your way of saying—shit we fucked up, we attempted murder upon you with our big experiment, we will forget about the dedicated mass monument.

You discovered our plan before Pfizer ever caved, so this is how we want to amend our misguided ways.

Well Satanists, here’s the issue, most of us now know, your little evil plan, it blows!

Well I say FUCK YOU and your grovelling stance, there will be no amnesty only Hell from where I get a glance.

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