#DiedSuddenly – Crazy never seen before Clots, from the not so “Safe & Effective” Covid vaccine


November 22, 2022

Slide show has some tough photos to see, the deformed babies who actually made it through the pregnancy of the vaccinated mother, and the huge increase of demised (stillborn) babies. In one week in Waterloo, Ontario, a small town just outside of Toronto, the OB saw 22 stillborn baby births. I remember seeing pregnant women on Facebook in 2020 saying they had gotten the vaccine and the first thing I thought of was all of the food and drinks, aspirin and antibiotics women of my generation sacrificed during pregnancy and it boggled my mind how these women would think that an experimental vaccine would not harm their baby. This is the power of the weaponized media mind control – “Safe & Effective”. The part that took me back in the documentary was hearing about the babies who were having a heart attack in the womb. That is how powerful the side effects of the mRNA are to the body.

The above short slide show – Thermal imaging done on a man with blood clots throughout his body. The vaccine injection sight is on the left and as you can see the left side of his body including the side of his face is clotting.

The Stew Peters documentary was released yesterday and it is a MUST SEE! Never thought that embalmers would be our NEW HEROS, as they describe the 100’s and 100’s of bodies that flow through, all with never been seen before, fibrous blood clots, an elastic type clot that look and feel like calamari. Blood from the bodies contain, what resemble dirt or sand that lags in a trail like fashion towards the drain. All of the bodies that have landed on their tables are vaccinated. Their assumption is that it is the mRNA in the vaccine causing these three foot long clots, a length they have never seen before. An interesting note, none of these bodies had an autopsy.

You can find

This was a HUGE clot removed from a heart.

Clotting from just one person, gives us an idea as to why there are sudden collapses before death.

Within the documentary, the clot is pulled out in front of the cameras, this is one of the long ones.

This clot came out in a tangled mess it was so long and at one part quite thick. Now picture clots like these in children and young teens.

Link below – Watch a young mother collapse and fall head first under a moving subway train – horrific!


The collapse is so common now and yet there are still vaccine advocates who still think that our vaccine injury and vaccine death theory is all part of a conspiracy. During the Emergency Inquiry Hearings one of the government lawyer’s collapsed during questioning a witness. I have seen him in the hearings daily and always comment on how pasty white his complexion is, along with all of the other government lawyers. Trudeau mandated all Federal Employees, and they all have that ghostly unhealthy appearance. After his collapse I heard that he is a hardcore vaccine advocate going as far as posting photos on his Facebook of him and kids all getting vaccinated together. If they only knew. Suffice to say the Federal employees trust the government and the vaccines and think we are all Coo Coo for Coco Puffs.

The documentary started off introducing the psyops instrumental in the orchestration of this worldwide human experiment.

MKULTRA Mind Control has and is used through the media, particularly the news stations that people were glued to when the plandemic first hit. These are the people with a concrete wall around them and they refuse to allow any factual information to penetrate. They are so comforted by covid the trend #LongCovid is on twitter quite often. I have labelled them the covid hypochondriacs, because they are! Every so often these hypnotized minds will trend #BringBackMasks – I kid you not. Needless to say the weaponized media did a great job getting inside of their mind and programming behavioural changes. With this knowledge of these people in a total mind control type of a hypnotic trance, it will help us understand that their minds have literally been taken over by satanic dark forces. It also explains their behaviour as well, their mannerisms seem to have a dark streak running through them. I have seen many video clips of people just freaking out in fast food places, tearing the place apart. One guy walked past a man who was eating his food by himself and randomly whacked him on the back of his head. If you haven’t figured out yet, this entire plandemic is orchestrated by the shadow regime – The Illuminati/Cabal and the WEF is one of it’s tentacles reaching out to manipulate the world for depopulation.

The CIA can’t have MKULTRA without bringing back Project Mockingbird. The two go hand in hand. Remember when we see clips of all of the Networks reporting the exact same amount of cases? “There are 33 new covid cases in Idaho” There are 33 new covid cases in New York” and the clip went on and on in Mockingbird fashion. Notice the number chosen, “33” nice symbolism, almost like a shout out to all satanists to say, “we did this!”

The documentary went on to show how easily we have been deceived in the past by the CIA and their covert operations. They show us what they know we will believe because our mind was programmed to believe whatever was on the Tele-Vision.

A little slide show below, so you can get the drift as to what Stew Peters is trying to convey.

We have beenwatching an actor who’s role was President of Ukraine in the show he acted in for five years called “Servant of the People.” He finished his last episode March, 2019 and the regime installed Zelensky into a real Presidential role in Ukraine in April, 2019, just one month later. We have been viewing a green screen war, all set up for money laundering for the regime. I am sure you have heard about the FTX crypto scandal involving Biden and the Dems sending money to Zelensky, then Zelensky would forward it onto FTX and back it went to Biden. In there somewhere the WEF was involved as well.

WEF quickly tore down this aspect of their website, but not quick enough! Trudeau made me giggle yesterday, he had the nerve to tweet advertising that there are now Ukraine war bonds for sale in Canada, I could not pass up the opportunity to troll him just a little bit.

Below is the link to the documentary – DIED SUDDENLY

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Canada needs a BIG WIN!

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