Part Four – Zelensky’s Corruption – Offshore funds – Cocaine in Ukraine

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky rode to power on pledges to clean up the Eastern European country, but the Pandora Papers reveal he and his close circle were the beneficiaries of a network of offshore companies, including some that owned expensive London property.

January 18, 2023

Volodymyr Oleksandrovych Zelenskyy(Zelensky), born January 25, 1978, a former comedian and actor. On New Year’s Eve 2018, Zelensky ascended into the political arena announcing running for President of Ukraine in the 2019 presidential election. He was elected President of Ukraine April 21, 2019.

A Scene and images from “Servant of the People”

Previous to his elected Presidency he created, produced and starred in an Ukraine series, “Servant of the People” where Zelensky played the role of President of Ukraine from 2015 – 2019. In fact the last episode aired just one month before he became the real President of Ukraine, the shadow government literally groomed their puppet in plain sight!

Zelensky’s 2019 Presidential campaign

His acting did not end when his hit series ended the month before his election. He gave the people the impression that he was not going to lead the country as a corrupt leader and end the war in Donbas. A performed social movement captivated the Ukrainian nation in 2019. The 2019 Ukrainian Presidential election marked a change in the form of campaign strategies of a presidential candidate. The people wanted change and it certainly appeared Zelensky was going to give them the change for the better the country so desperately needed. The general reaction amongst Ukrainian society was disgust towards the political elite and calls for dismantling the remnants of the communist system. The deep dissatisfaction held amongst Ukrainian society towards their state in part led to The Orange Revolution in 2004 and The Revolution of Dignity between 2013 – 2014. 

The style of Zelensky’s campaign tactics of merging entertainment into politics transformed Zelensky into a media phenomenon. Zelensky won the second round of the presidential election with a landslide victory. Earning 73% of the vote, Zelensky overcame traditional national voting cleavages winning with the largest majority in contemporary Ukrainian history.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky rode to power on pledges to clean up the Eastern European country, but the Pandora Papers reveal he and his close circle were the beneficiaries of a network of offshore companies, including some that owned expensive London property.

  • Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and his partners in comedy production owned a network of offshore companies related to their business based in the British Virgin Islands, Cyprus, and Belize.

  • Zelensky’s current chief aide, Serhiy Shefir, as well as the head of the country’s Security Service, were part of the offshore network.
  • Offshore companies were used by Shefir and another business partner to buy pricey London real estate.

  • Around the time of his 2019 election, Zelensky handed his shares in a key offshore company over to Shefir, but the two appear to have made an arrangement for Zelensky’s family to continue receiving money from the offshore.

Volodymyr Zelensky entered into the Ukrainian presidency in 2019 at the height of public anger against the country’s political elite, including previous leaders who used secret companies to stash their wealth overseas.

Now Zelensky himself has been exposed through leaked documents that prove Zelensky and his inner circle have had their own network of offshore companies. Two belonging to the president’s partners were used to buy expensive property in London.

The documents show that Zelensky and his partners in a television production company, Kvartal 95, set up a network of offshore firms dating back to at least 2012, the year the company began making regular content for TV stations owned by Ihor Kolomoisky, an oligarch dogged by allegations of multi-billion-dollar fraud. The offshores were also used by Zelensky associates to purchase and own three prime properties in the center of London. Ref: by  Elena Loginova (OCCRP/Slidstvo.Info)

The documents demonstrate just before he was elected, he gifted his stake in a key offshore company, the British Virgin Islands-registered Maltex Multicapital Corp., to business partner and now current chief Presidential aide, Serhiy Shefir. It doesn’t end there, in spite of giving up his shares, surfaced documents prove that an arrangement was made allowing the offshore company to continue paying dividends to a company that now belongs to his wife!

The Corruption runs deeper

Zelensky capitalized on widespread public anger at corruption, but his 2019 campaign was dogged by doubts over his anti-graft bona fides, given that his campaign was boosted by media belonging to Kolomoisky — who is accused of stealing US$5.5 billion from his own bank and funneling it offshore in concert with his partner, Hennadiy Boholiubov. In the heat of the campaign, a political ally of incumbent President Petro Poroshenko published a chart on Facebook purporting to show that Zelensky and his television production partners were beneficiaries of a web of offshore firms that allegedly received $41 million in funds from Kolomoisky’s Privatbank.

That ally, Volodymyr Ariev, didn’t provide evidence, and his accusations have never been proven. But the Pandora Papers show that at least some of the details in this alleged scheme correspond to reality. The leaked documents show information on 10 companies in the network that match structures detailed in Ariev’s chart.

The new documents show, part of the network was managed with the help from Fidelity Corporate Services, an offshore consultancy, one of 14 firms whose documents make up part of the Pandora Papers leak.

Plain and simple – The documents show that Zelensky and his partners used companies based in the British Virgin Islands (BVI), Belize, and Cyprus.

Two of Zelensky’s associates in the offshore network, who were also part of his TV production company, now hold powerful positions. Serhiy Shefir is Zelensky’s top presidential aide, while Ivan Bakanov heads the Security Service of Ukraine. These powerful positions also come with risks. Shefir narrowly escaped an apparent assassination attempt when his car was fired on outside Kyiv on September 22. He was unharmed, but his driver was wounded.

Serhiy Shefir’s brother Borys, part-owner of Maltex Multicapital Corp, said he may indeed be an owner, but was unaware of the details of the offshore arrangement, which was largely the work of Ukraine’s now-Security Service chief, Bakanov. “Bakanov was our financial director, he set up the financial schemes of our company. Speaking honestly, I’m not ready to respond to you,” he said. Borys Shefir said such offshore arrangements were necessary because of the threat to the company of “authorities and bandits.” Kvartal 95’s members were moving to divest themselves of offshores, but it was a slow and difficult process, he said.


Has the regime switched him out with a body double/clone?

We have reached the end of the four part trilogy of “Zelensky – Corruption in Ukraine”, I’ll leave you with a compilation video of what appears to be Zelensky high on cocaine, and in one of the clips he admits he snorts cocaine. Enjoy!

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