#DiedSuddenly 2023 Part One

January 30, 2023

If #diedsuddenly was rampant amongst the unvaccinated, the mainstream media would be having a field day.

The Atlantic is an Illuminati/Cabal controlled publicationKnow thy enemy.

Media Gaslighting – “Psychological manipulation of a person usually over an extended period of time that causes the victim to question the validity of their own thoughts, perception of reality, or memories and typically leads to confusion, …and a dependency on the perpetrator”



ITALY – Standing United

Due to the mass amount of information the documentary “Died Suddenly” provides, I wanted to include the video in this edition of my blog for those who may want to go over the information provided and for those who have not had the opportunity to view it. Watching it more than once will help people understand that what we are dealing with is in fact a Bioweapon meant to kill off the global population.

A Short Clips from #DiedSuddenly 2022


Genocide in the UK

A nursing student and mother of four #diedsuddenly as she was getting ready for their son’s first day of preschool. Her death was sudden and unexpected, completely devastating her husband and family. She was only 40 years old. Cause of death: Not Revealed.

Do You Know Someone Who Died Suddenly After Taking a Covid Vaccine?

@bonn0759 Yes, two people in their sleep. First the husband. The wife could not understand what happened. A few days later, the wife too. The relatives never questioned.

42-year-old former journalist and recent Spanish government director of health communications, Sandra Carmona has #diedsuddenly from a heart attack.


More details on the 6 Month old baby who #diedsuddenly 10 days after receiving the Covid 19 Vaccine The baby experienced “Shock-associated circulatory and cardiac conditions.” The baby took a nap in the afternoon and was later found by his parents pulseless in a crib.

I hate to hear about babies dying from this bioweapon. Naive parents not doing any homework before they inject their kids.

HORROR: 6 month old baby boy #diedsuddenly ten days after receiving multiple vaccines,INCLUDING THE COVID VACCINE AND THE FLU SHOT!!? He went for a nap and was found pulseless.

This is Not Normal

CBC News Outlet – Paid 600 Million a year by the Trudeau Government – Twists #DiedSuddenly to “Stroke Season”


Michael posted his vaccine status on Facebook, and encouraged others to do the same. “2nd shot. I’m smiling. Thank you to everyone who is working so hard on these vaccinations.”

Vaccine Injured

The #DiedSuddenly deaths are endless, I couldn’t cover them all, and this is just the first month of the year!

Stay tuned for Part Two when I dive into the Damar Hamlin – #DiedSuddenly?

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