The Pickton pig farm it was The Perfect Storm of Murders and Elite Blackmail

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March 5, 2023

“Charity” rock concerts took place at “Piggy’s Palace” on the Pickton Pig Farm – upwards of two thousand people would attend. Persons of note would be taken to a different part of the farm, where they would ritualistically torture and murder aboriginal street people.

The information I am about to relay has been vetted and directly comes from MG PauL Vallely US Army Retired on February 11, 2020.

This farm allegedly had underground tunnels for elites for covert access to the grounds and torture rooms within, without being seen.

Interesting that MG PauL Vallely calls Justin Trudeau “Justine” – Is Justin a Female to Male transgender? I hope he can confirm this as we read on to the facts he has written about the most horrific murders in Canadian history.

MG PauL Vallely states: I have been asked by a Conservative, Patriotic Group to relay this information to the Trump Administration. They say the Pig Farm and Guistra story is bigger than Epstein and tied to Clinton and the Clinton Foundation and implicates Fidel’s son Justine Trudeau.

MG PauL Vallely declares that his sources have been vetted.
Worth one of our investigative reporters to pursue if deemed valuable.

The background of the Canadian crime of the century of murders begins…

Robert Pickton, a pig farmer from Canada, butchered 49 women on his property and ground their remains into mince which he then sold to customers, some of whom were local policemen, before he was arrested in February 2002.

The Daily Mail writes…

By all accounts, the owner of the Pickton pig farm, Robert Pickton, was an odd duck – quiet, hard to strike up a conversation with, and nervously fearful of others. Born with the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck, his mother recognized at an early age that something was not right with Robert. As a result, he was marginalized by society, shunned by women, and dominated by his younger brother, David. A bartender at a venue Robert frequented said he was much less of a man than he pretended to be. ~ Altered Dimensions

“He was a wannabe, you know, he wanted to be a biker, a Hells Angel, a mean leather guy. But everyone knew he was a weasel, a wannabe. I mean you can’t imagine hanging out with a guy like that without something bad happening.”

Robert Pickton possibly murdered as many as 100 women, most of them destitute prostitutes from the city of Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada. He is Canada’s most heinous serial killer.

How the Pickton brothers became millionaires

In 1963, William Pickton Sr. purchased 40 acres of swampy land in Port Coquitlam, a small town near the United States border, about 2 hours north of Seattle. On the land, he began raising pigs. His three children, Linda, David, and Robert, grew up on the farm and learned the business well. When William died, the children inherited the land and continued running the business with younger brother David acting as the boss and the elder Robert providing the messy labor. By 1994 Port Coquitlam grew larger and the farm, which was purchased by William for $18,000 in 1963, was worth millions. Recognizing the riches under their feet, the brothers sold a few sections of the property to raise cash. One section was sold to a townhouse developer for $1.7 million. Two sections were sold to Port Coquitlam for a total of $3.5 million (one section was turned into a park and the other became Blakeburn Elementary School).

It was about the time the Pickton brothers became millionaires that women in the Vancouver area began to disappear. ~ Altered Dimensions

Piggy’s Palace – “Piggy Palace Good Times Society”

In 1996, from the money they received from the land they registered their new venture as a non profit under “Piggy Palace Good Times Society”, converting one of the barns as their party venue. Piggy’s Palace was an instant success attracting 2000 people each event. Hell’s Angels Motorcycle club frequented Piggy’s as did local prostitutes.

“I arrived at the party at about 9:00 p.m. It was dark and raining and muddy, and there were lots of motorcycles, old cars, and a big pig roasting on a spit. There were kids in costumes, some dressed as witches. The little kids were running around, and playing in the dark. There wasn’t much light. There were lots of women, who looked like hookers…. The party spilled all over the grounds and there were people in the house and in the trailer doing the wild thing. I recall walking by a shack with a 40-watt light bulb hanging over the door and machinery was running inside. Here, I got a death chill. The hairs raised on the back of my neck and my feet froze to the ground. I didn’t want to be there anymore, so I left and walked home.”

Vancouver, British Columbia, is one of the world’s greatest hubs for organized crime, illicit gambling, money laundering, human trafficking, and, most importantly, blackmail. Much of this is carried out with the consent and in some cases the participation of all levels of government, and the police.

Below is a very brief precis of what MG PauL Vallely knows so far that can be verified:

  1. Starnet Communications was founded in 1995 in Nevada. It provided streaming services to well-heeled clients in Vancouver hotels, when the internet was in its infancy. These services included betting – on all manner of events – some nefarious, pornography of all kinds, and anything else a client was willing to pay for.
  2. In August 1999, Starnet HQ – located in crime-ridden West Vancouver was raided by a combined force of the RCMP, the VPD, and the American IRS. The homes of its executives were also raided.
  3. The IRS confiscated the Starnet computer servers and stored them at the World Trade Center – Building 6. These servers contained the lists of Starnet clients, monies, etc.
  4. Building 6 was demolished on 9/11. Aerial photographs show a crater in the center of the building. (That was convenient)
  5. The same neighborhood that Starnet resided in, in Vancouver’s crime-ridden West End, provided aboriginal prostitutes to Starnet’s successor – the Pickton pig farm.

6. Like Starnet and Epstein island, the pig farm was a blackmail enterprise.

7. The pig farm was owned by the Pickton brothers. Their sister, Linda Pickton sat on Canada’s Privy Council – which advised the Prime Minister.

8. Linda got the farm registered as a federally mandated charity – “Piggy Palace’s Good Times Society”. “Charity” rock concerts took place there – upwards of two thousand people would attend. Persons of note would be taken to a different part of the farm, where they would ritualistically torture and murder aboriginal street people.

9. Unbeknownst to them, they were being surreptitiously videoed.

10. The company videoing them, and later blackmailing them, was “Greek Life Films” – founded by Canadian mining magnate, Frank Giustra. Giustra later went on to found Lionsgate Films; now a major “Hollywood North” production company.

11. Giustra is very close friends with Bill Clinton. With his assistance, he founded Uranium 1.

12. Giustra later sold Uranium 1 to the Russians with the assistance of Hilary Clinton; then-Secretary of State.

13. In 2007 Giustra and Clinton founded the Clinton-Giustra charitable foundation in Canada.

14. This foundation funnels hundreds of millions from Canada to the US Clinton Foundation – using Canadian laws to shield the identities of the donors.

15. In 2002 the farm was raided, Robert Pickton was tried, found guilty, and imprisoned. His brother was equally guilty but averted any sentencing – no one knows why. (Perhaps his brother sang like a canary?)

16. In 2005 the B.C. government gave the Picktons $10 million for “legal expenses”. (Well that’s curious isn’t it)

17. There is a book that contains the names of every person who participated in the pig farm murders. To this day, the BC government refuses to release it.

18. There is conjecture that Justin Trudeau’s name is in that book. At the time the murders took place, Trudeau was living a short drive from the farm.

19. It is well known that Trudeau likes to party and has a proclivity for underage girls.

20. In 2019 Trudeau paid $2.5 million for an NDA to a woman who would have been 14 at the time – he was her teacher.

21. A rogue element of the RCMP has been complicit in the above crimes and has been protecting the perpetrators. In some cases, off-duty officers were driving the victims to the farm to be slaughtered – they knew which ones wouldn’t be missed, and which ones they had to dispose of.

22. There is a connection from all of this to the British Columbia Investment Management Corporation, (BCIMC). BCIMC quite possibly has the largest assets of any company in the world – $1 trillion+

The attempted murder of Wendy Lynn Eistetter

“Then I just started fighting him. And then the first thing I remember was a knife on the kitchen table. So as I was fighting him, I was, like, going backwards so I could get to this knife, and then I reached for the knife. And then I leaped at him, I slit his throat. And then I remember him grabbing a rag and going, ‘You f*&#ing bitch, you got me good,’ and he put the rag on his neck. And then he had a big long stick and I remember just picking up plants, everything I could get a hold of and throwing it at him.”

Working as a prostitute in Vancouver’s downtown core, Ms. Eistetter was saved by an elderly couple who found her bleeding heavily on a roadside near the farm co-owned by Robert Pickton.

Mr. Pickton’s whereabouts are unknown and he has not been charged in the disappearances of the women, most of whom lived much as Ms. Eistetter did, turning tricks in exchange for money to support their drug habits.

In April, 1997, he was briefly in police custody after being charged with one count of attempting to murder Ms. Eistetter by repeatedly stabbing her with a knife. He was also charged with assaulting her with a kitchen knife, unlawful confinement and aggravated assault. Almost a year later, the charges were stayed.

Identified Victims of Robert Pickton

Sereena Abotsway: 29-years-old, she disappeared in August 2001, Described as loud and opionated, she was a known drug addict who was frequently beaten-up by her tricks.

Mona Lee Wilson: 26-years-old, Mona left for a doctor’s appointment on November 30, 2001 and was never seen again. It was known that she was controlled by a controlling boyfriend who often sent her out to make money hooking.

On April 2, 2004, three more charges were added for the murders of:

Jacqueline Michelle McDonell: 23-years-old, she was last seen in January 1999.

Diane Rosemary Rock: 34-years-old, she was last seen on October 19, 2001.

Heather Kathleen Bottomley: 25-years-old, she was last seen on April 17, 2001.

On April 9, 2004, two more charges were added for the murders of:

Andrea Joesbury: 22-years-old, she was last seen in June 2001.

Brenda Ann Wolfe: 32-years-old, she was last seen in February 1999. At the time, Brenda was a homeless drug addict who had deteriorated to the point of not bathing nor washing her clothes.

On September 20, 2004, four more charges were added for the deaths of:

Georgina Faith Papin: age unknown, she was last seen in January 1999.

Patricia Rose Johnson: age unknown, she was last seen in March 2001.

Helen Mae Hallmark: age unknown, she was lst seen in August 1997 (Vancouver Police Missing Persons Case #98-226384)

Jennifer Lynn Furminger: age unknown, she was last seen in 1999.

On October 3, 2004, four more charges were added bringing the total to fifteen. The investigation had become the largest of any serial killer in Canadian history.

Heather Chinnock: 30-years-old, she was last seen in October 1999.

Tanya Holyk: 23-years-old, she was last seen in 1996.

Sherry Irving: 24-years-old, she was last seen in 1997.

Inga Monique Hall: 46-years-old, she was last seen in February 1998 (Vancouver Police Missing Persons Case # 98-047919)

On May 26, 2005, twelve more charges were laid against Robert Pickton bringing the total number of first degree murder charges to 27.

Pickton pig farm during police excavation

Cara Louise Ellis (aka Nicky Trimble): she was last seen in 1996.

Andrea Fay Borhaven: last seen in March 1997.

Debra Lynne Jones: last seen in December 2000.

Marnie Lee Frey: las seen in August 1997 (Vancouver Police Missing Persons Case #98-209922)

Tiffany Drew: last seen in December 1999.

Kerry Koski: last seen in January 1998.

Sarah de Vries: last seen in April 1998, she left behind a diary which included this chilling line: “I think my hate is going to be my destination, my executioner.”

Cynthia Feliks: last seen in December 1997.

Angela Jardine: last seen on November 20, 1998 around 3:30 PM at Oppenheimer Park in Vancouver (Vancouver Police Missing Persons Case # 98.286097). She was said to have had the mental capacity of a 10-year-old child.

Wendy Crawford: Last seen in December 1999.

Diana Melnick: last seen in December 1995.

Jane Doe: Unidentified woman.

Watch full documentary – The Pig Farmer Killer on Youtube

Worlds Most Evil Killer

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  1. Thank you beautiful Gina for your amazing research!. I remember hearing some information many years ago about the Pickton murders from Donald Marshall’s interviews. 😲 Shared!!!!

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