“Don’t Panic” Says Joe Biden – There is a Bank Crash!

March 13, 2023

Joe Biden was caught on tape discussing how to use the media to prevent a bank run today, 03/13/2023, amidst a total collapse of the world economy.

“All the moneys gone and the collapse is in, but we have stay calm and think of ways to prevent a bank run, SO WE CAN GET OURS! Lets ensure that all banks are talking with each other and sharing information in real time using the back channels we set up in October. And let’s use the FULL FORCE of the media to calm the public and to assure them that their deposits are safe. We may not be able to prevent a collapse, but if we work together we may be able to limit the fall out FOR US, and preserve the continuity of government.”

🚨BREAKING NEWS: Silicon Valley Bank’s collapse rattled the U.S. Now, Canada braces for aftershocks

Global News reports:

The swift collapse of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) has sent aftershocks through the global financial system and Canada is not immune from the impacts.

The Toronto-based branch of the startup-focused financial institution was temporarily seized by Canada’s banking regulator on Sunday night as Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland echoed her American counterparts in calling for calm in the face of market uncertainty and fears of contagion spreading to banks north of the border.

Experts who spoke to Global News on Monday said that most Canadians can be confident in the country’s banking system, but fallout from SVB’s collapse could be more substantial in some parts of the economy.

After listening to the leaked tape of Joe Biden, I am taking everything the media says as a pacifier for the public.

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