What Did They Do With Tom Cruise?

April 2, 2023

We have seen the CIA advanced Deep Fake technology. As a matter of fact, it appears they chose Tom Cruise for their demo🤔

Truth in plain sight? Let’s take a look at how convincing these Deep Fakes are, would the general public even know the difference?

If you didn’t know it was a deep fake you would think you were watching the real Tom Cruise.
The popular top rated Hollywood celebrities bring in a lot of money, TopGun2 brought in 1.2 Billion dollars for the Hollywood cabal. The biggest issue with these Illuminati puppet slave actors, they age and are quickly out of the minds of the fans who once flocked to their movies when the sexy is gone.
I have never heard Tom Cruise sing before, but in deep fakes they can give him any talent they want that will draw in a crowd to his next feature film he stars in, and his fans won’t even know it’s not him.
I thought it was odd they threw Paris Hilton in the deep fake with Tom Cruise, more truth in plain sight🤔
And that’s how it’s done. Tom states AI is unlocking the “future” of our imagination. With AI rolling in faster than we ever imagined I get the feeling it would be easier and more cost efficient for Hollywood cabal to do away with all of their puppet celebs.

With so many of the actors who have wanted to defect the Illuminati, the cult has them locked into blackmail holding very damaging collateral over their heads. Their lives and the lives of their families are at risk, and so these puppet remain in a world where their lives are really not their lives. Kanye explained last fall after he left the music industry, the Illuminati have total control over everything they do even down to what they tweet.

As I write this blog a news headline popped up about another celeb, Chris Hemsworth is ‘taking on fewer acting roles’ as he takes a step back from Hollywood after discovering he is genetically predisposed to Alzheimer’s disease leaving the business due to Alzheimer’s disease. Let me add that Chris is only 39 years old. This is another cartel ploy to brace his fans that he will soon drop off the face of the earth, the the cartel are done with him.

The CIA/Hollywood seems to be either killing off their actors and Music industry stars through a cancer that was never reported, a “suicide”, or “Stiff Person’s Syndrome” as they have reported about Celine Dion, or they don’t even reveal the cause of death of the latests celebs and leave the headlined news report as, “cause of death unknown at this time”, banking on the fact that we will forget about the death report with the next news cycle they quickly push through the wires.

The top rated stars who are aging, the CIA will most likely clone them, or continue on with another charade up their sleeves with deep fakes. They need to continue making money from their talent, they have to feed the frenzied fans and followers. They count on those followers to pick up the habits and beliefs of the celebrities, the bottom line is, the cabal wants these fans to fall into the realm of the satanic cult. The Khazarian Mafia/cartel or the illuminati, funnel their money through Hollywood and the Music Industry for money laundering – The show must go on for this purpose, no matter what.

It has been stated by Donald Marshall, a clone whistleblower who grew up in a cloning center, that after the clones of singers have been completed and they take the stage, they have a better and even stronger singing voice.

The news about Tom Cruise was determined the highest paid actor in Hollywood in 2022 tucking in a net sum of 100 Million Dollars in his bank account, floated around the social media platforms. When it reached to my Twitter feed someone had commented, “Zelensky was the highest paid actor”. I did my usual giggle and carried on with the next headline. And then I went back to that post and thought, wait a minute, that’s not Tom Cruise🧐 Those who have followed me for the past 4+ years will know that I can’t let a good body double go by without proving it’s a body double.

I began to write a quick tweet about it and thought oh what the heck, I will throw in my comparison to prove my point. Well that tweet was turning into a thread and I could see that it was going to be a long thread at that, so I dumped the thread and decided to post it onto my blog website for those who are not on Twitter to see.

The Tom Cruise Clone/BodyDouble

To the critical eye it is easy to see the difference between the two images.

  1. The jawline and eyes were the first features that caught my attention. The 2021 image the jawline comes to more of a point whereas the 2022 image is a more rounded but squared off jawline. The eyes are similar but different. They would pass the sniff test but if you look closely they are not the same.
  2. The hair: The hair is everything with Tom Cruise and they tried to make the clone’s hair the same but struck out on that one too. See the image below for comparison.

This is the sexy we grew up with and want to see every time we watch one of Tom’s films, but sexy only lasts for so long.

What Did They Do With John Fetterman?

I will leave you with a short video clip of the changes we have all noticed since the establishment yanked Fetterman off and away after the State of the Union Address and placed him into The Walter Reed Center for what they have told the public was depression🙄 When the regime removes a celebrity they will always state that it’s for medical reasons, their puppet slave usually returns months later, after they have endured a mind control program. Again I refer to the testimony of Kanye West last fall, he spoke about being forced away from home and mind control programmed under the pretence of failing mental health.

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