I Don’t Do Fear Mongering

Those who have followed me for the past few years know that I don’t sound the alarm unnecessarily, I bring the information I gather, whether it’s good or bad, I tell it like it is. But I don’t do fear mongering. The war is escalating right before our eyes and yet people aren’t noticing the change or feeling the shift in energy, they can’t see what is happening or what is yet to come. There is a storm brewing and it’s time for us to prepare.

HUGE Countries Are Turning Their Back On The US

Besides the fact that a month ago we watched the biggest bank collapse in history,HUGE countries are turning their backs on the US standard banking system and going for the GOLD. The US has been the standard dollar worldwide for over 200 years! The first rip of many in the seam of peace, our first indicator there is trouble on the horizon, is the activation of the “BRICS”, these countries have picked up steam and now other countries are flocking with applications to join Brazil, Russia, India, China and Saudi Arabia. Mexico has thrown their hat in the ring, along with South Africa, Egypt, Algeria, Nigeria, UAE and Argentina.

A reporter from Gateway Pundit states, ‘Was this always the plan for the Obama-Biden regime? To take down US dominance on the global stage? Because it sure looks like it. The journalist continues to write, ‘The acronym [BRICS] began as a somewhat optimistic term to describe what were the world’s fastest-growing economies at the time. But now the BRICS nations—Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa—are setting themselves up as an alternative to existing international financial and political forums.’

At Joe Biden’s democracy summit, China issued a report about the dysfunctional US democracy.[Link provided below] So what does all of this really mean? In my opinion these countries are not only turning their backs on the US standard dollar, they are turning their backs on the Khazarian cartel, the WEF and the Federal Reserve. The 2030Agenda is crumbling! The cartel’s power derived from the corrupt Federal Reserve created 1913, and their plan to control the world with a NewWorldOrder began centuries ago! Take their plan AND their power away and the swamp will be drained – However, they won’t go down without a fight. They know they’re losing, but they don’t care, they will take down as many as they can along the way to their demise in the pit of hell. There will be war, but as I have stated previously, it’s already here. Read on…

I’m just going to cut to the chase with this BOMB that dropped and take a gamble that you’ll still respect me in the morning😇 As the old expression goes, I’m throwing caution to the wind and just rip the bandaid off.

They Are Going To Put The mRNA Gene Therapy In Our Food And Water

Explained in 50 seconds👇

We cannot assume our water will be safe from the hands of these slaves of the devil. Water would be the easiest for them to taint, look back to what happened in East Palestine, Ohio. I have been doing a lot of research on what we need to do in order to take control of our water and drink the healthiest, while at the same time boost our systems against the virus’ they are going to throw at us. They want us dead. But we are not going down without a fight, we will not comply and we will take control of our food and water supply. It’s time to prepare for the inevitable.

Oh But Wait – There’s More – The Edibles Will Begin Next Month👇

They Are Going To Orchestrate Another Pandemic

Dr. Evil himself, during a Town Hall few days ago dropped this newsflash. It appears they have gone back to the lab and have created another virus they hope will depopulate the world more effectively and efficiently this time around. This Frankenstein creation is set to be released next year 👇

Biden, in the midst of one of his stutters, slurs and mumble statements, there will be another pandemic👇

I know what many of you are thinking, Trump will win the 2024 election and save us! NewsFlash! They are going to start tainting our food next month! I would also like to point out that the shadow gov’t installs who they want to be President. Can we really rely on a fair and just election? Remember this statement Biden made just before the 2020 election? 👇

Just as I suspected, the Trump indictment was a charade, a necessary distraction and a common trick taken out of the worn out playbook of what Trump would call, “the Lunatic Left“.

They like to taunt us, “Look at what we are about to do to your beloved saviour, President Trump!” I have to give them props for accomplishing a twofer from this deception. They managed to dig a deeper line of division between the people. The Deep State puppets were quite cognizant the Trump camp would be fired up and inflamed with anger and were also aware the Liberal camp’s celebratory mode would be in full swing, visualizing the man they hate the most, wearing an orange jumpsuit doing the perp walk heading to prison.

When you divide the people you weaken their power.

These barbarous wicked puppet slaves of the cartel are receptive of the intense social media battles that occur daily between the two camps. War strategy 101 – “Divide and Conquer”. The only way they can control 7.8 Billion people worldwide, is by weakening the spirits and weakening unity.

You didn’t think it was just American Patriots cheering for a Trump victory today did you? There is a world of people who want and need Trump to win the 2024 election so that he can stop the WEF in their tracks, drain the swamp once and for all and stop this madness we have all been enduring for 3 years. There’s nothing more satisfying to these freaks of satan than billions of Trump supporters enraged over a possible Trump indictment.


So now we are being warned about two significant actions these villains are planing on attacking us with. First things first, they are planning on tainting our food and inevitably our water supply with the deadly mRNA gene therapy vaccine.

This may feel overwhelming to think about and deal with, but at this point we have no choice, it’s sink or swim time, survival of the fittest, it’s a matter of life and death.

We can do this together, we HAVE to do this together and support one another in order to get through this, we have to fight like we have never fought before.

Our Children depend on our strength to fight for freedom

My next blog I will focus on a start-up preparation package with links of where to buy what we’ll need to survive the coming months, and how we can weather this storm out together. Until then, sit tight, eyes wide open at all times and don’t forget to question EVERYTHING!

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