The Sh*t Has Hit The Government Funded Media Fan And Has Landed In Their Own Backyard To Clean Up

April 17, 2023

Labeling Government-funded Media advances exposure of government corruption to the next level. Chalk another WIN up for our side of the war against the globalists.

Mass exposure of government funded media outlets has been long overdue

As a jubilant Canadian, I will first begin with the mention of the CBC – Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, the Liberal bias outlet have officially been called out on Twitter yesterday afternoon labelled as ‘Government-Funded Media’ on their Twitter account. When the largest social media platform tags a media outlet as government funded, it’s telling the world to take what the CBC write with a grain of salt, a drop of Liberal bias honey and grab a shot of tequila on the side, just in case you’re struggling to swallow the Liberal narrative they’re pushing.

Trudeau admits in this short clip – news outlets are funded by the Liberal Government

Their recent report is an example of what they expect Canadians to believe.

The link below is the actual CBC news report published on April 14, 2023

Because students always suddenly die of natural causes right CBC News?🙄

Trudeau Foundation has 40% stake in Acquitous, a firm used by Pfizer for the Covid vaccine. CBC is covering up Trudeau’s conflict of interest by reporting disinformation. This student’s sudden death is clearly related to more cover up by the news outlet.

It has recently been discovered that the Trudeau Foundation holds 40% interest in Acquitous, used by Pfizer for the covid vaccine. Add this information to the known fact that Justin Trudeau ordered double the amount of covid vaccines than the total population in Canada. CBC is obviously protecting Justin Trudeau’s conflict of interest investment in the vaccine by reporting disinformation about the cause of death of this student in the province of Prince Edward Island, Canada. Consider the fact that hundreds of thousands of vaccinated individuals around the world have suddenly collapsed and died, it is clear this young student has suffered the same fate.

Dr. Robert Malone discloses his intel about Trudeau’s conflict of interest investment.



In another news report dating back to November, 2017, the CBC publishes a report about a poster pinned up on a wall at a school that states – “It’s okay to be white” – reporting this as hateful messaging.

Enforcement of the Liberal narrative is why they get paid the big bucks!

It doesn’t take much time to dig into their past publications for confirmation that the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation is blatantly reporting based on the Liberal narrative.

Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre Got The Ball Rolling

Globe and Mail’s laughable response

Government-funded Media is hitting home and striking a nerve with other outlets who are in the same financially funded boat. Globe and Mail’s laughable response to @PierrePoilievre‘s request to @elonmusk is a knee slapper

Is this the best you could come up with @globeandmail? ‘I see no evidence that Pierre Poilievre himself has ever been anything other than funded by government’ FYI – @PierrePoilievre is an elected official for the Government of Canada – justifiably appointed – Paid Media outlets have never been approved by the Canadians to pay them over a billion annually to report Liberal bias Bullsh*t

But you knew that right?

The Response Of The CBC

In an article responding to the Twitter “Government-funded” label slapped onto the @CBC account, and rightly so, they hilariously try and justify their position by stating, in third person an attempt to remove themselves from the equation of the annual government funding of well over a billion.

CBC reported $1.39 billion in government funding and $504 million in revenue.”

And that 504 million in advertising revenue is supposed to kiss the boo boo better and make the blister of well over a billion in tax payer funding go away @CBC?

The news outlet have insulted the intelligence of Canadians long enough, it was long overdue for them to be called out for the owned, operated and controlled Liberal outlet that they are, namely under the Trudeau Family.

Then There Are The Responses From Blind Liberal Supporters

The responses to this tweet are worth the read.

The Trudeau Government Is Pressuring Social Media Platforms To Remove News Stories They Don’t Want The People To See

Rachael Thomas, Member of Parliament for Alberta, Canada is calling for an emergency debate in the House of Commons.

CALLING ALL CANADIANS🇨🇦The link below is a petition against the censorship BILL C-11 – Please sign if you value freedom of speech. Remember, once our freedom of speech is gone, it’s gone forever!

Australia’s ABC News has been flagged as government-funded media

NPR – The First Flagged As Government Funded Media

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  1. Since the money given to the corrupt govt run media comes from us, we should be able to shut down these lying puppets of the govt! Thanks Gina for getting this info out there!

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