Was Tucker Too Smart, Too Vocal and too dangerous For Regime Legacy Media?

May 2, 2023

Where were you when the news first broke on the network wires about Tucker’s termination from Fox News? That’s how big of a bomb this was to those who looked forward to “The Tucker Carlson Show” every night!

To relay my perspective, I had to allow for the dust to settle on this mind blowing contention for a few days, It was only until today that I felt confident to pound my keyboard and give you my view and information I had gathered.

It was emotionally upsetting, and a shocking calamity for Conservatives, myself included. I needed time to set my emotions aside. I needed time for my own thoughts to process and do some digging to find out what we aren’t being told, what’s really going on behind that dark black curtain of corruption?

When I heard the news, I felt a sudden shift of energy.

Writing a blog the day of his termination would have just been a regurgitation of the same headlines everyone had already seen on multiple platforms. I needed to go deep, ask the right questions and read between the lines of the answers. The agenda of the cabal is deep, I had to go deeper to find the missing links of what led them to their actions last week at Fox News.

What I do know is that the network shares are down over a BILLION DOLLARS since last week’s termination decision! But money is plentiful for the cartel, power is what they are after. Tucker was the spoiler alert, he shared with conservatives his investigative information and we ran with it on all of the the non-censored platforms, he took big risks and has been the cartel’s nightmare.

We are witnessing history, the exposure and take down of the cabal, the Khazarian Mafia cartel, the bloodline secret society who have relied on secrecy to operate and execute their agenda, and Tucker Carlson has been chipping away at their secrets, their plans and their future agendas.

Cartel Media Mogul Rupert Murdoch Fired Tucker Carlson

One week ago today the bomb was dropped on 3.5 Million American fans of The Tucker Carlson Show on Fox News, that number does not include viewers in Canada, YouTube or any other conservatives around the world who were able to watch his fireworks. He was the voice for Conservatives, he was justice for corruption, he was our TV hero! Conservatives always could count on him to turn conspiracy into confirmed truth after a night of viewing his show.

Tucker Caught on Leaked Video Before He Was Fired – “I don’t want to be a slave to Fox Nation”

Fox News on Monday dismissed Tucker Carlson, its most popular prime-time host, who became one of the most influential voices on the American right in recent years with his blustery, inflammatory monologues on immigrants, Black civil rights activists, vaccines and national identity.~ New York Post

Tucker has been a prominent voice for the world, advocating for justice, exposing lies and corruption of the deep state on behalf of the people, we will all remember the day the wind beneath our sails was released and Tucker was fired from FoxNews.

‘Blindsided’ Tucker Carlson ‘still has been given NO reason why he was FIRED’ and speculation is rife Rupert Murdoch wants to SELL Fox News but would find it ‘harder with firebrand host as the network’s main star ~ Daily Mail Headlines

His termination was so big that it was the Media Mogul himself, Rupert Murdoch who gave the directive from his ivory tower to terminate Tucker Carlson. And the mystery reason remains to be a hush hush from the public.

After 14 years at Fox News the most popular show host at Fox – and all we were left with was speculation as to why Tucker Carlson was terminated.

The Real Reason Why Fox Fired Tucker Carlson – JP’s Humorous Take – He’s Not Wrong

JP always delivers his truth with humour, and in the case of Tucker’s termination from Fox News, he’s not wrong.

Could one reason be because Tucker Was Critical Of Zelensky And The Ukraine War?

The owner of Fox News and his son, a top deputy, held two previously undisclosed meetings with Ukraine’s president shortly before firing host Tucker Carlson – who is vehemently critical of the U.S. sending aid to the Ukrainians.

Semafor broke the news that Fox Corporation owner Rupert Murdoch and his son Lachlan allegedly met with Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelenskyy and held two separate calls to discuss the ongoing war and the death of a Fox journalist killed in action. While Carlson, who has vocally opposed efforts to transfer billions of dollars in foreign aid to the country, was not mentioned on the calls by Zelenskyy, he has been criticized by some of the president’s top deputies.

Tucker made no bones about Zelensky with his hand out for more financial support from the US and the billions sent over there. Speculation has mounted that some of the former host’s opinions had gotten him in trouble with the Murdoch family, especially as it relates to Ukraine and other foreign policy matters such as U.S. business relationships with China, which has provided tacit support to Russia during its attempt to seize neighboring Ukraine.

Former President Donald Trump, as well as Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, a likely contender for the GOP nomination, have both aligned with the anti-war wing of the GOP where support for Carlson remains high. Carlson previously sent a questionnaire on the subject to all GOP presidential candidates.

Murdoch is a cabal globalist and Tucker was exposing them🤓 I think Tucker needs to beef up his security system and maybe a few more body guards wouldn’t hurt either😎

Or was it because of his exposure of the deception of the Jan6 committee?

Could it be when he revealed – the CIA killed Kennedy?

Tucker Was Vocal About Hunter Biden, The Laptop and the Classified Documents He used

What about Epstein?

I have discovered clips of an off the cuff interview a Canadian podcast did with Tucker, voicing his opinion and facts about the Epstein death debacle. Epstein was murdered.

Part One – Epstein Was Murdered

PART ONE – An off the cuff chat with Tucker – EPSTEIN WAS MURDERED

Was he about to reveal the power behind Epstein’s murder?
Was this the one of the reasons why he was terminated?
Too many powerful people in high places connected to Epstein?

Part Two – Epstein Was Murdered

Why the cover-up from Bill Barr?

Part Three – Epstein Was Murdered – Time For Answers

Why did the coroner who declared his death a suicide hang up on Tucker Carlson when he contacted her? Why were the doors of the cells of the other inmates on Epstein’s cell block left unlocked? Why were the cameras not functioning? Both guards on duty fell asleep? An Obama appointed Judge dropped the charges on the two guards, who pulled the strings to make this happen?

There are so many bouts of corruption Tucker revealed, it’s hard to list them all, he went against the narrative of the regime’s agenda and Rupert Murdoch had to put a plug in it before the 2024 election that is just around the corner, the establishment do not want his voice on the AIR and Rupert Murdoch has made it clear that he does not want Donald Trump to win.

What Does The Elite Fear The Most?

The release and exposure of Epstein’s client list and who killed Jeffrey Epstein?

Presently there are over 25,000 sealed indictments, we know this to be true because these sealed indictments are official records for the public to see. There’s a possibility that client list could take down the entire CIA, FBI – Both organizations controlled by the cartel – The cartel could easily go down with one fell swoop.

Yesterday, Wall Street Journal reveals prominent names on Epstein’s private calendar including the current CIA director. William Burns, director of the Central Intelligence Agency since 2021, had three meetings scheduled with Epstein in 2014, when he was deputy secretary of state, the documents show. They first met in Washington and then Mr. Burns visited Epstein’s townhouse in Manhattan. Kathryn Ruemmler, a White House counsel under President Barack Obama, had dozens of meetings with Epstein in the years after her White House service and before she became a top lawyer at Goldman Sachs Group Inc. in 2020. He also planned for her to join a 2015 trip to Paris and a 2017 visit to Epstein’s private island in the Caribbean. Leon Botstein, the president of Bard College, invited Epstein, who brought a group of young female guests, to the campus. Noam Chomsky, a professor, author and political activist, was scheduled to fly with Epstein to have dinner at Epstein’s Manhattan townhouse in 2015.

If the majority or all of the cartel are tied to Epstein’s Island – My guess is that they are, I believe Epstein was a CIA asset and that the island was set up to gather compromising photos and recordings for blackmail purposes as was the Playboy Mansion. After all, blackmail is the currency of Washington and Hollywood. Blackmail is how the cartel control their puppets. The cabal created the CIA as a cover, they control the CIA – we know this to be true, they are governed by no one. They killed Kennedy and got away with it, they controlled the FBI investigation of JFK’s murder and the narrative in the 60’s, it was the CIA who came up with the term “Conspiracy Theorists” when people began asking questions.

I’m going to leave you with this question.

Tucker Carlson is a very smart investigative journalist, how did he not know the top boss of Fox News was part of the cartel? And if he knew, how or why did he continue to work for the cabal honcho knowing how powerfully dangerous they are and what they are capable of?

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8 thoughts on “Was Tucker Too Smart, Too Vocal and too dangerous For Regime Legacy Media?”

  1. Thank you beautiful Gina for your awesome post about Tucker Carlson. Yesterday Unifyd TV offered him a 100 million dollar contract over five years. You can view letter to Tucker posted yesterday by Jason Shurka.

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    1. Thank you Sheree, as always you are so supportive of my work, much appreciated. I knew he would get multiple offers but wow! 100 million dollars! That’s a hard offer to turn down, I wonder if he will take it?


      1. I appreciate you so much and always share your amazing work to family and friends. I happened to click on Megyn Kelly last night. Her guest Patrick Bet-David says he sent $100 million dollar offer to Tucker Carlson! 👀 I had not heard of Patrick before, but Megyn expressed support to him.

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