The Durham Report – Russia Hoax Was About Keeping Hillary Out Of Jail

May 19, 2023

Hillary was once heard stating, ‘If that f__king bastard wins, we all hang from nooses!

The Crime Of The Century! They Spied and They Lied

 An investigation into the origins of the FBI’s probe into ties between Russia and Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign has finally been concluded, with prosecutor John Durham submitting a much-awaited report that found major flaws.

The report, the culmination of a four-year investigation into possible misconduct by U.S. government officials, contained withering criticism of the FBI but few significant revelations. Nonetheless, it will give fodder to Trump supporters who have long denounced the Russia investigation. Meanwhile Trump opponents will likely point to the Durham team’s meager court record — one guilty plea and two acquittals at trial — as proof that the probe was a politically motivated farce.

Loud mouth liar Adam Schiff, pushed the Trump-Russia collusion hoax, and all we ever heard from the parroting regime media was “Russia Russia Russia”. Schiff is still standing by his claims even after the John Durham’s report reveals the intelligence community had no evidence when it began its investigation of the Trump campaign.

FBI dropped 4 probes into Hillary Clinton, family’s non-profit ahead of 2016 election: Durham report

John Durham’s report shows that the FBI had at least four open criminal investigations into Hillary and Bill Clinton that were suddenly dropped in the months before the 2016 presidential election.

Three of the FBI’s four investigations that were launched in early 2016 were looking into allegations that the Clinton Foundation has a hub of “criminal activity.” Those federal probes originated from field offices in Little Rock, Arkansas, Washington, DC and New York — all of which opened audits into the charity as Hillary was in the midst of her presidential run.

~ New York Post


The Demons have been caught lying, their deceitful Russian collusion tactics to discredit a sitting President have been exposed. The question on everyone’s mind right now is, will the perpetrators be held accountable? There are many who were within the Obama administration who Durham has caught with their fingers in the cookie jar, Joe Biden is one of them. Will we ever see justice done?

A Look Back At Adam Schiff’s Lies

Hillary Clinton invented the Russia ‘hoax’ to keep herself out of jail!

The full 316 page Durham report for your reading pleasure.

The link below is a great summary of eight takeaways written by Susan Schmidt.

Andy McCabe – Former Director Of FBI – His Name Came Up In Durham’s Report 60 TIMES! – He States Durham Is Wrong

Andy McCabe was fired by President Trump in 2018

Adam Schiff shamelessly doubles down – Republicans Want Him Expelled

Ana Paulina Luna moved against Schiff after the release of the Durham report, which Republicans claim shows the investigation of Russian election interference and links between Donald Trump and Moscow was a conspiracy between Democrats and the FBI.

Schiff was House intelligence chair and led Trump’s first impeachment, for seeking political dirt in Ukraine. He published a book about the Russia investigation and is now running for Senate.

Top GOP Senator Calls For Clinton, Schiff To Be ‘Held Accountable’ After Durham Bombshell

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3 thoughts on “The Durham Report – Russia Hoax Was About Keeping Hillary Out Of Jail”

  1. This is amazing! Thanks for the great blog! Always look forward to your blogs! I love reading the truth and knowing that there is a special place in hell for these corrupt, disgusting politicians!


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