Note To Self 2.0

I trust nothing until I question everything!

Note To Self 2.0

The first Page of Note to Self contains a lot of great information and is still available, but for some reason the page completely freezes when I attempt to add updates🤔 Exposure of truth is stopped in many ways. But I will never back down.

March 2, 2023

The Khazarian Mafia – It’s all Russia’s fault – Russia lies!

The thread below is a good example of “IIA” [Interactive Internet Activities” – The cartel hire these people to enforce their ridiculous narrative. Richard Ebright is parroting what the powers that be want him to say, “lies Russia is telling”. Putin is up against the Khazarian mafia, Russia is the only country that stands in their way from controlling the world. so of course they want the social media and mainstream media rhetoric to be – “Russia is lying” or “Russia built the bio-labs”, Russia did NOT. I will go into fine detail about what is really going on behind the scenes in a blog I have been feverishly working on, suffice to say, those who have Ukraine flag emojis on their bios should be absolutely ashamed of themselves for being so bloody ignorant.

In 1250AD Khazaria was destroyed by Russia and Persia (Iran), they were given a choice to choose a faith the people of Khazaria would follow, they chose Judaism and promised to follow it – They lied and continued to secretly follow satanism.

There seems to be a lot of confusion about the Ukraine/Russia war, but that is exactly how the Khazarian mafia wants the world to be right now, mass chaos and division. They want us all fighting amongst one another because when we are weak it increases their chances to take control over the world. Don’t fall for their psychological warfare strategy. They are losing against Putin right now and they’re in panic mode. They aren’t going to go down easily, they’ve had this power since before 1250AD.

February 21, 2023


According to deep background sources, Millie Weaver was abducted by deep state operators today and is being held under the false authority of deep state operatives. She was not arrested by any lawful process, and there was no legitimate “grand jury” indictment. ~ Natural News Report

Remember the banned video that came out in 2020 – “ShadowGate”? The day after it premiered on YouTube it was immediately taken down leaving many people scampering around the net trying to find a copy of it somewhere. The scandal of its removal didn’t stop there, the next day the creator of ShadowGate Millie Weaver, was removed from her home in front of her children and hadn’t been heard from in days. She was abducted by the Deep State and interrogated.

We are now living in an era characterized by the total collapse of the rule of law. The deep state is run by lawless, treasonous criminals who will do anything to silence critics and whistleblowers, and when Millie Weaver (“Millennial Millie”) began releasing a new documentary film today called “Shadow Gate,” the deep state went into action ~ Reports Natural News

Those of us who paid attention to social media that day, watched this fast moving the story of Millie Weaver unfold by the hour, being mindful of misinformation flitting around each platform, it was up each individual to use their own discernment to detect what was true and what was just rumours. The truthers who had their critical thinking in tune also knew that the IIA – “Interactive Internet Activities” were at play. All we knew at the time is that it appeared that Millie Weaver is was a political prisoner being held by the deep state.

I am raising this amazing documentary to the surface for everyone’s awareness for a reason, we are now feeling the effects of what she uncovered back in 2020, and now she has a sequel to ShadowGate – “ShadowGate 2.0” – Posted both documentaries below.

Original documentary of ShadowGate

February 19, 2023

Ukraine Soldier Methods of dealing with their own citizens

Why Are Supporters so Blind?

February 8, 2023

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The video of Rabbi Finklestein describing what he does with children’s body parts after they are sacrificed. Even no censorship, free speech Twitter would most likely ban me for posting this on that platform.

February 6, 2023

Chinese Spy Balloons

Chinese surveillance balloons in the skies over the continental United States sparked national security and diplomatic concerns, but apparently not enough concern to immediately blast them to smithereens to the ground. Chinese spy balloons nonchalantly floated over international air space for 5 days, first spotted by citizens in Montana. It didn’t take long for the news to travel when it hit social media platforms. The reaction of the knowledge that Chinese spy balloons were collecting data on the US created curiosity, anger, frustration and some great memes!

Mark Miller appears to always stand for China – CIA Operative?

Biden allowed a Chinese spy balloon to travel across U.S. territory

Pfizer in panic mode and realizes it’s Pfucked

Adele at the Grammys – But was it really Adele?

When enough information is gathered the answer to questions appear, question everything!

January 28, 2023


Twitter Responses to Pfizer’s response to Project Veritas (Follow the slide show below)

#DiedSuddenly – Ex-Lions and Chargers linebacker Jessie Lemonier dies aged 25

Do you see the pattern?

Robbie Knievel, son of famous stuntman Evel Knievel, passed away on January 13, 2023, due to pancreatic cancer, after being in hospice for three days. He was 60. 

Worth the time to read the comments from BobsLessons tweet

City of Memphis releases video of deadly police beating of Tyre Nichols



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