Who am I?

I started out on this journey of discovering truth like most people….when covid hit.

Most of the world was on lockdown, we had time, many wasted it by watching the idiot box, but there were many of us that questioned. We all knew something wasn’t right. We researched this Covid thing and knew that this virus didn’t pass the smell test. They tried to push the narrative on us that this virus originated from “Bat soup”, most bought this crazy story…..but we the wise knew better. They then pushed the narrative “There’s not enough toilet paper, hand sanitizer and Lysol!” Videos of people began popping up on the net of them literally fighting in the aisles at Supermarkets over the last roll or the last bottle of Lysol and hand sanitizer on the shelf….and all the while we knew better, we spent our time digging and we dug and then dug deeper. And that’s when we discovered that there was much more to this story than a fake virus.

Then popped up the narrative of how incredibly infectious this virus is and how fast it spreads. (see image of one of my posts from last year below)….people believed it! The fear was being installed and indoctrinated by the media. At this point an innocent sneeze or cough in public would get you “hairy eyeball stares” from everyone around you!

The next thing we all saw were the fake photos pushed by the media, hundreds of coffins all lined up…”Excuse me shit for brains, you don’t actually believe this photo do you…ummm, I hate to tell you this but that photo that you are so naively believing… is from a movie.” Ugh, I became exhausted trying to explain to the sleeping mass…and then it happened, my first toss into Fakebook jail – a 24 hour stint.

Oh and how can we forget when the homeschooling began, I think this was when the sales of alcohol soared. Mothers and Fathers the like displayed their frustration and stories online. My favorite was the Mom who just got out of the shower and went to the aid of her child who was in the midst of his zoom class, and there it went… her towel accidentally slipped down…haha.

We became what has become known as “Awake”, later discovering that we have been witnessing epic history unfold of “The Great Awakening”, it was at this point I could not sleep. It became the norm for me to stay up all night, catch a nap during the day at some point and then carry on with the hole I was digging down.

I spent every waking hour going down rabbit holes I never knew existed. Like most, I lost a friend of over 25 years over one of my first posts exposing Bill Gates…she thought he was the cats ass! She loved that he was a philanthropist…”Oh please God, help me explain to this woman”, I ranted. With utter elation she told me that she was going to be the first in line for his vaccine. Back up a bit lady…back way up…you know that this guy didn’t even finish College and that he is not a doctor, scientist or Virologist right? But there was no talking to her. I woke up one morning to a comment on one of my posts, discovering a darkness inside this friend I had no idea was there. I saw signs, sure, but not as dark as what she had the audacity to publicly write on my page. My mind was blown, after 25 years you think you know someone right? WRONG! So when she blocked me I shrugged and moved forward and I have not looked back since.

I know I am not the only one who has lost friends and family over our discoveries and exposure of truth. And this is the part I adore about our movement, we have all traveled down the road where we never want to be lied to again, we never want that black veil covering our eyes and we are so grateful for this higher intelligence conscious level….and we seem to forget, not everyone has raised their conscious level yet, or have interest in doing so, and not everyone will evolve consciously as we have. So we must have patience, endure their abuse for in the end the truth is never hidden.

What I love more about all of those who follow my social media platforms is their caring, loving warmth. The utter respect that has always been evident during discussions on any of my posts. There is unity that pours loads of self empowerment, validity and support. Much Love and Light Peeps!

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