The Book of Q

Author UnknownI however have added the coordinating Q drops and comments in italics.

How fortunate are those who have realized the potential and power of their brain. 

The reason for making this book is to present a chronological account of what is either the biggest intelligence drop from the U.S. government to the Amer- ican public ever, or the longest lasting “LARP” (Live Action Role Playing, aka prank) on the 4chan message board, ever.

As all of this evolves, it is clear that whoever this Q character who is dropping this info may be, his statements, questions and insinuations paint a compelling picture: a world about to be set free from the grip of a global cabal that includes corrupt establishment politicians, the CIA, banker families and royal dynasties.

If it were fiction, it would make an incredibly gripping spy novel. If it is true, then the whole world is at a giant crossroads.

It was my intention to compile all of Q’s posts so people would not have to wade through the overwhelming flood of information, spam and (intentional) disinforma- tion on the 4chan board. It’s still a lot, so I suggest you print this out, it was edited in a print-friendly manner.

I laced Q’s messages with a selection of tweets and headlines of relevant real life events occurring during the time all if this was/is taking place – which took off during president Trump’s 12-day trip to Asia, and continued thereafter.

When reading this file, pay attention to the timestamps of the messages. Q’s mes- sages are screenshots, and the timestamps are the local time on the computer the screenshot was taken on. Some user comments included are from across the ocean, so time (and even date) may appear not to match, but they do.

A legend of abbreviations used by Q can be found on the last page. Enjoy the read!


On October 28, who named him/herself Q – and who appeared to be a high level government insider – began posting a series of intriguing messages on Interenet message board 4chan/pol/ in a thread called CBTS (Calm Before The Storm). Q claimed PO TUS was being protected by the Military because the CIA, FBI, and Secret Service are all corrupted. Q began posting series of questions, where each question is often either a hint to the next question or an answer to the previous.

The intelligent and systematic way in which Q posed his questions, caught the attention of many /pol/ users. Espe- cially when some of the things Q hinted at or even predicted, became true…

1.) “Friday and Saturday will deliver on MAGA promise”, Q says on Oct. 31, mentions “cleaning house (gov’t).” On Nov. 3 he askes “Why did JK travel to SA recently? What is SA known for? Where do the biggest donations come from?” That weekend the Saudi Arabia purge happens. The arrested Saudi Princes are the people who fund Hillary Clinton, the Clinton Foundation, and own Citibank (who basically picked Obama’s cabinet). Saudi assets were frozen.

2.) Oct. 31: Q said billionaire George Soros is targeted. Nov 3: Howard Rubin, fundmanager for Soros, is arrested for human trafficking and violent rape.

3.) Unverifiable claim: Tony Podesta indicted Nov. 3, Huma Abedin 6th. They weren’t arrested, but indict- ment does not necessarily equal arrest. However, the Podesta Group seems to be suddenly shutting down.

4.) Q said on Oct. 31: “Any person stating they won’t run for re-election, has been put in submission” (meaning complicit but cooperating). 10 days later FOX News announced “40 politicians not running”

5.) Q said there could be social media blackouts, “but don’t worry.” Later, Trump twitter goes offline for a while. The 4chan/pol/ thread has also been under attack, has been flooded with spammers. The thread even went missing (error 404) at some point, was back up the next morning. Q said that the thread was being pro- tected, though attacks would continue.

6.) Over 840 sealed indictments were issued in the 12 days after Q’s first announcement. This is an unusu- ally high number. Indictments are publicly announced on government websites. The normal procedure is to name the cases in the format plaintiff vs. defendant (e.g. Waldorf vs. Brokers). Sealed indictments are num- bered but nameless, and happen when it involves criminal networks. Their number has since risen to 1800+ (only half of dockets searched, os the number may be double)

7.) Q sent two photo’s taken from an airplane, one from a city and one from some islands in the sea. Anons (anonymous users of 4chan) identify the locations on the photos and their time stamps and they seem to match Air Force 1’s trajectory, meaning the photos were taken from inside AF1 during POTUS Asia trip: Q is on board. (/pol/ is notorious for their simply impressive “capture the flag” operations targeting Shia LeBoeufs Anti- Trump flag – suffice it to say they know a thing or two about identifying locations!).

Historic Setting

During the presidential campaign of 2016 it became unquestionable that the MSM (mainstream media) had abandoned any semblance of neutrality and basically functions as a mouthpiece to the Democrat Party. After the election, the same media ran a non-stop campaign against the 45th president with its “Russian collusion” hysteria that has been going on for over a year now, while being unable to produce any significant evidence. That 1500 human trafficking/pedophile ring arrests were made in the period shortly before/after Trump’s inauguration somehow escaped their attention completely (Mainstream Media complicit)

2016 was also the year of the pizzagate scandal: allegations that Comet Pizza in Washington D.C., run by James Alefantis, was a cover for a pedo-ring. Pizzagate was promptly dismissed worldwide in the MSM. Even the major European newsoutlets ran extensive stories debunking Pizzagate simply by announcing that all of it was fake news. Five minutes of online research however, will quickly reveal to anyone images snatched off of Alefantis’ Instagram account. And these are disconcerting to say the least, if not downright alarming: a photo of a naked guy, writhing on the floor, covered in what I assume is fake blood, pornographic images with slices of pizza, photos of a “killroom”, someone showing off a home-made metal coffin the size of a small child, various pictures of babies and toddlers with com- ments like “#Hotard”, “I want one” and “#Chickenlovers” posted next to them, etc.

Tony Podesta, brother of Hillary’s campaign manager John Podesta, was photographed at the piz- zeria. Alefantis was photographed in Tony’s house when the latter was showing off his art collection. Some of Tony’s favourite artists, such as Biljana Djurdjevic and Patricia Piccinini have works about child molestation – including some very disturbing stuff. Then, there’s the Podesta emails released by Wikileaks, where they are communicating in code, like “getting a pizza for an hour” and “playing domi- nos on cheese and pasta” etc. Put all of this together and you get a very suspicious picture. Somehow, however, not a single MSM journalist thought it work to investigate. They didn’t even take the trouble to “debunk” the story, they dismissed it altogether, wholly and all of themExcept for Ben Swann of CBS46 in Atlanta. After reporting on the potential scandal on live TV, Swann’s Facebook was shut down (428,000 followers), his website was taken down, and he didn’t appear on the air for a week.

One more thing about James Alefantis: how does running a “kid friendly” pizza joint get you listed as one of the top 50 most powerful people in Washington according to GQ magazine? Isn’t Washington full of powerful people?

First Q Posts
Real life: Antifa has announced mass protests on Nov. 4th.
Haven’t we always known that Anderson Cooper was a CIA agent and part of the Operation Mockingbird?”

Calm Before The Storm

From here on, all of Q’s messages were posted on a thread named CBTS

This book goes on with all of the Q drops. The author got you started on the story, go to to see the rest.