August 30, 2022

I am back with PART ONE of a very interesting interview of trafficked survivor George B. Tonks.

After a much needed sabbatical from total burn out, I am back. I needed to take a step back and take some much needed ME time.

After caring for my father for 6 years, I needed to take time to replenish. Caregiving for an elderly parent is a privilege but it also can be emotionally draining on the caregiver. Coming to the realization that it was time for me to take the next step and find a good nursing home for him was hard, really hard. Especially during this crazy political climate of covid fear here in Canada and as an unvaccinated person, I knew that I wouldn’t be allowed to visit him.

I was juggling too many plates at once and it finally caught up with me. With so much on my mind, and so many loose ends to tie up I guess you could say that I had writers block.

My father is now nicely settled into a home, only 3 minutes from my house and the facility is accommodating to FaceTime calls. I speak to him once a week and he is actually participating and enjoying the daily activities and surrounded by people of the same age group.

Now that I am content that he feels content, I can move on and continue with my efforts of FIGHTING FOR FREEDOM that seems to be slowly slipping away from us, especially here in Canada.



I have come in contact with a very interesting man who was trafficked by the cabal and very good friends with fellow trafficked survivor Maria Farmer. Maria Farmer who was the Epstein Federal whistleblower, the woman responsible for Epstein and Maxwell going to prison.

His name is George B Tonks

George has never told his story publicly, a few days ago he did just that during an interview.

George was framed for wire fraud and spent 16 years in prison.

Listen to his story, get familiar with him and I will post more information on my next blog of PART TWO – GEORGE B. TONKS

10 thoughts on “I’M BACK!”

  1. hi gina, you were missed !!!  and so beautiful that you truly care for your father’s welfare and happiness.  i respect you greatly for that! i live in bali and sulawesi.  have lived in indonesia since l992, and my only connection with who i am (i am from san francisco) is through internet… and you are a fresh breeze in my solitary life with my 8 rescue dogs. welcome back!!!  lots of love to you. sylvie manley

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  2. Glad your dad is settled and you are back.

    Caring for a physically and/or mentally challenged person is, indeed, challenging. I know firsthand.

    Good to “see” you again.


  3. Like you, I took care of my parents for 16 years. And it definitely is taxing when you’re working full-time have a family to care for and your parents. I’m glad that he’s settled and you get to FaceTime with him. I went off Facebook so I don’t know if you stayed on there. Also, I’ve missed you on telegram. I hope you’ll be back on there. Certainly miss your posts. It’s great to have you back ~

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  4. Any chance I can join your Telegram Group. My friend Deanna cannot add me as she’s receiving messages saying I’m blocked?
    Kim Sibbald
    Thanks Gina🙏

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