What Happens When The Bank Runs Out Of Money?

March 13, 2023 – Evening update

I always find it beneficial to look in on credible chatter to get a different view/perspective when something as big as a BANK CRASH is happening in real time. Say that again? A bank crash is happening right now in REAL TIME!

In layman’s terms – The globalist elites have robbed the masses with the help of the corrupt governments they previous formed and they’ll rob us twice with a bailout. It’s the way the Khazarian mafia financial institution has always operated.

The 2008 crash did not affect me here in Canada, I didn’t feel the devastation Americans felt, especially in the states of Florida, Arizona and Nevada. However this crash is sitting right on my door step, I would have to take a running jump to avoid it as it sits looming on my front porch. Am I scared – Hell ya!!! I am retired and collect a Canadian pension and I am wondering if there will be any money in the kitty for Seniors at the end of the month. I own a home and have a mortgage, the logistics of navigating funds avoiding deposits in fear of losing deposits is frightening. But I digress, let’s look in on what others are saying and what information they have gathered about this mess.

G. Edward Griffin explains the Federal Reserve.
“In it’s essence, its a cartel. They got together. They drew up the rules and regulations for their own industry. To self regulate their own industry. It’s what cartels do.”
Congress passed the Federal Reserve regulations into law and that is why the Federal Reserve looks like it is an agency of the government, but it’s not. It is part of the Khazarian mafia cartel located in a small city block of London that is not part of England, it is it’s own entity, as is the Vatican and DC – Get the picture now?

If you’re wondering how the Biden Administration completely missed the looming banking crisis in America. Well, this is what the United States Treasury Secretary was doing 2 weeks ago. They didn’t miss it, they dodged it.

Graham and McCain conspire war against Putin and planned for an offensive attack on Russia in 2017. Lindsey Graham states to the Ukraine military that he will ensure the Americans know what Putin has done, in other words, Graham will manufacture the smear campaign planned against Putin so that all Americans would begin their own hate campaign against him – The beginning of Americans never knowing that they have been told complete lies by two traitors.

Which bank will fall next?

Biden In Review

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